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James Alex Fields – Is There A Maumee Hutaree Connection?

This weekend, 20 year-old James Alex Fields drove his car at high speed into a crowd of anti-racism protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one person and injuring 19 others. James Alex Fields has described himself for years as a supporter of the Nazi Party and a fan of Adolf Hitler. As Fields fatally attacked anti-racism protesters, allies of his carried guns and Nazi flags bearing swastikas right next to Confederate flags, surged into Charlottesville, shouting slogans demanding that Jews, Muslims, and African-Americans be stripped of their legal rights.

Today, USA TODAY published an article that gave voice to people from Maumee, Ohio who said that James Alex Fields doesn’t represent them. James Alex Fields chose to live in Maumee, Ohio, however.

So, is James Alex Fields truly not representative of Maumee, Ohio? Why would such a violent Nazi choose Maumee, Ohio as his home?

Maumee is in the northwestern corner of Ohio, right next to rural Southern Michigan and Indiana. It’s a region known for supporting extreme right wing politicians. It’s also an area that in 2010 became infamous as the home of the Hutaree militia.

The Hutaree militia is a Christian white supremacist organization that regularly trains with guns with the avowed goal of overthrowing the US government. Hutaree militia members were arrested in 2010 for conspiring to kill police officers and provoke a civil war that would force a white Christian theocracy on all of the United States.

At present, there is no known link betweeen James Alex Fields and members of the Hutaree militia. However, his home in Maumee is a bicycle ride’s distance from Adrian, Michigan, the small city near the headquarters of the Hutaree. Members of the Hutaree range from Indiana up into Michigan, and right over to Maumee.

A right wing extremist group in Maumee, Ohio has called Barack Obama’s White House the “Obamajad Administration”, accused Hillary Clinton of engaging in a Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy, and posted several articles encouraging the ownership and use of deadly weapons.

In May of this year, the Court of Appeals of Ohio ruled a man living in Maumee, Ohio unfit to have custody of his son because of his violent behavior and open embrace of extreme racism. The man, “identified several posts from his Facebook account that contained crass, misogynistic, and racist memes, which he admitted he found funny,” and “admitted that he has used the term ‘nigger’ when referring to black people, and that he texted mother ‘F**k you, I hope you choke and die on that nigger dick you have been sucking.'”

In 2006, the American Nazi Movement chose to hold its national convention in Maumee, Ohio, wearing Nazi stormtrooper uniforms with black boots, swastikas and everything.

In 2016, employees of the Maumee, Ohio post office hung nooses to threaten African-Americans with violence there. A investigation by the Ohio Civil Rights Commission found that the postal service in Maumee, “has been ‘permeated’ with racially charged comments and incidents since 2013 to include displays of Confederate flags, racially offensive text messages and ‘overtly hostile comments.'”

We don’t know if there is a white supremacist cell in or near Maumee, Ohio that supported James Alex Fields. However, there is sufficient history of extremist white supremacism in Maumee to suggest the need to investigate further.

The claims by some residents of Maumee that James Alex Fields doesn’t represent their community aren’t credible. The town of Maumee, Ohio has a substantial history of racism that can’t denied.

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