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Profiles In Corporate Cowardice

The corporate rats are fleeing Donald Trump’s sinking ship.

As of one hour ago, 7 CEOs on Donald Trump’s corporate councils had quit in protest of Trump’s defense of American Nazis this weekend.

In response, 45 minutes ago, Trump decided to dissolve his business councils so that no one else could quit. “Rather than putting pressure on the businesspeople of the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum, I am ending both,” Trump said.

10 minutes after that, trying too late to jump on the bandwagon, Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky and United Technologies CEO Alex Hayes announced that they were quitting the council. Yes, Gorsky and Hayes waited until after Trump dissolved the councils to try to cover their butts.

The truth is, none of these CEOs come out looking courageous. Even the 7 who quit the Trump councils in recent days had stood by Donald Trump’s side through thick and thin, despite scandals that made it clear how thoroughly corrupt, crude, and criminal Trump is.

Trump repeatedly associated with Nazis, and the CEOs stayed with him.
Trump assaulted women, and the CEOs stayed with him.
Trump mocked Americans with disabilities, and the CEOs stayed with him.
Trump discriminated on the basis of religion, and the CEOs stayed with him.
Trump accepted blatant corporate bribes, and the CEOs stayed with him.
Trump gave classified secrets to the Russians, and the CEOs stayed with him.
Trump colluded with attacks against American democracy, and the CEOs stayed with him.
Trump discriminated against LGBT Americans, and the CEOs stayed with him.
Trump moved to kick tens of millions of Americans off health care, and the CEOs stayed with him.
Trump threatened the world with nuclear war, and the CEOs stayed with him.
A million Americans took to the streets of Washington DC to protest Donald Trump, and the CEOs stayed with him.

So long as they believed they could get Donald Trump’s help in squeezing money out of working Americans, the CEOs on Trump’s business councils were willing to look the other way. They remained silent as Trump destroyed America.

It’s only now that Donald Trump’s ship is clearly sinking that the corporate rats are fleeing. Theirs are profiles in cowardice, not courage.

2 thoughts on “Profiles In Corporate Cowardice”

  1. Dave says:

    Indeed, they are rats. But you might consider waiting a little while before using the sinking ship metaphor. Trump outed the Antifa (he called them he “Alt-Left”) bunch as culpable in the recent riot and repeatedly, or as some here would say, over and over and over and over, etc., driving the narrative in spite of the dinosaur news media’s protestations. Time is on his side for getting his message through. Everyone knows instinctively that it takes two to tango. Unmasking the players on both sides will never be done by the “mainstream” news outlets, but it will happen eventually. It’s kinda fun to watch two leftist factions Duke it out (pardon the pun) at the street level and kinda sad at the same time when people get hurt or killed because they’ve been led to believe they are going to a picnic.

    On a lighter note, can you divulge what “classified secrets” Trump gave to the Russians, or will your contacts at the CIA allow you to do this?

    1. Al Hopfmann says:

      You never need to apologize for a good pun, Dave. You are so very correct about the situation you are discussing being two leftist factions battling each other. The only fundamental difference between communists and Nazis is that the communists are international socialists and the Nazis are national socialists. When it comes to liberty issues, they are both advocates of unlimited government, while libertarians, constitutionalists, and most conservatives (but not neo-cons) are advocates of limited government.

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