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Group Claims That Scientifically Predicted Eclipse Is A Sign From Divine Beings

Most people understand that an eclipse of the sun occurs because the orbit of the Moon around the Earth happens to bring it directly in front of the Sun, as seen from a narrow stretch of ground. Martha and Noah Burkhold of Dundee, New York are not among these people.

When the Burkholds heard that a full eclipse of the sun could be seen today in a path arcing from Oregon to South Carolina, they worked with their neighbor Ivan Martin to gather together a group of 30 people to begin a holy pilgrimage down to Hopkinsville, Kentucky to watch the eclipse. An article in yesterday’s Finger Lakes Times explains that the group intends to “address the eclipse from a biblical perspective”.

It’s difficult to see how today’s eclipse could be addressed from a biblical perspective, given that nothing in the Bible predicted it. The Christian holy book is completely devoid of any commentary about orbits, gravity, solar radiation, or any other principles of physics that make the eclipse possible.

Despite these remarkable gaps, Martha Burkhold, “said that the solar eclipse provides a symbol of the power of God”.

So, Burkhold’s god is a god of darkness?

If the eclipse is a supernatural symbol, it’s a symbol of the narrow reach and lazy attitude of Martha Burkhold’s divine being. After all, solar eclipses only reach any given place on Earth once in a generation or two. The rest of the time, they’re off somewhere else.

Even today, on that rare day that a solar eclipse took place, in almost all of North America the eclipse failed to blot out the light of the sun. Apparently, the god of Ivan Martin and Martha and Noah Burkhold is a god who just can’t get the job done.

That worship of failure was re-emphasized by a visit the Burkhold caravan made to a Creationist museum in Kentucky, which uses a combination of false information and flawed logic to argue that our planet is only around 6,000 years old. In the years that this Creation Museum has been open, the percentage of Americans who believe in Christian Creationism has shrunk rather than expanded.

Little God of Martha Burkhold 2017

Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright declared that the eclipse is a reminder that “all darkness is temporary”, apparently forgetting the reminder of the black holes: Some darkness is forever.

6 thoughts on “Group Claims That Scientifically Predicted Eclipse Is A Sign From Divine Beings”

  1. Paul Glenn Cawley says:

    As a Old Earth Creationist and Genesis Gap Principal believer, I couldn’t agree more with this article! It is unbelievably sad to see so many Christians decieved and fooled by such bad theology and bad science!

    Yes the New Testament does in fact give us some insight into events happening near the actual END OF DAYS but a simple ‘eclipse’ is certainly NOT one of those events.

    However I do believe that there will come a day, and perhaps sooner then later when there WILL be events both in the ‘Heavenly realm’ of the cosmos and here on the earth and it will be quite obvious to ALL that these events are like no others and THEN and ONLY THEN should we begin to explain these events in light of what our Lord Jesus and the rest of Holy Scripture says about these things.

    1. Juniper says:

      I believe that a divine hippopotamus wearing a top hat with a pink pom-pom on top will soon float down from the heavens and save us all from the addiction to Coca-Cola which is at the root of all sin.

      1. Al Hopfmann says:

        Satire can be effective, but it can also cast doubt on the quality of the satirist’s philosophical credentials.

    2. Al Hopfmann says:

      Some people would criticize the beliefs that you have expressed. They don’t believe in the divine righteousness of the Ten Commandments either, especially the two fundamental ones that even atheists should believe in: “Thou shall not murder.” and “Thou shall not steal.” Most of those who call themselves “liberals” think that they have a higher standard, “the will of the people”. When asked to be explicit, they have a hard time detailing exactly what determines “the will of the people” other than some naïve confidence that a majority can properly determine what is right or wrong, even when it violates common sense or moral absolutes like those two Commandments. They seem to have a blind FAITH that unlimited government will not become the oppressor, even as they fear that people with religious FAITH are more dangerous than that entity. I prefer your faith over theirs.

  2. Juniper says:

    You doubt my philosophical credentials? I have a license to practice philosophy. It’s hanging on my wall. Do you have a license?

    1. Al Hopfmann says:

      In a free society you don’t need a license to practice philosophy. Usually a license is permission by government to participate in a limited monopoly, to the disadvantage of outsiders. Just be free to practice philosophy as you envision it, and tell the licensing “authorities” to relocate their licenses to a place where “the sun don’t shine”.

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