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Antifa Idiots, Don’t Burn The Reichstag For Trump!

We can’t pull a Trump on this one. It’s bullshit to describe what happens by saying that there was violence on “all sides”.

Yesterday in Berkley, California, there was a small political rally held by a group of white supremacists. They were completely overwhelmed by a counter-protest consisting of 7,000 people carrying signs opposing racism. There was shouting, and chanting, but for a long while the event was peaceful.

Then, 100 members of the antifa movement decided they needed to make trouble. Dressed in black, with masks over their faces, antifa members started viciously attacking the white supremacists. Shane Bauer of Mother Jones filmed a video of at least four antifa members shoving a right wing protester to the ground, then kicking him brutally until Al Letson, the African-American host of the public radio show Reveal, intervened. Letson put his body in between the antifa attackers and their victim, possibly preventing a murder from taking place.

Antifa idiots

There were also reports of antifa members using pepper spray against white supremacists. If they weren’t such morons, antifa hooligans would realize that pepper spray is a tool of oppression. They appear to have forgotten how pepper spray was used against the Occupy Movement – or perhaps they just don’t care.

Members of the antifa movement in general are a bunch of self-righteous idiots. The antifa of Berkeley, California are especially notorious for turning politically successful protests into disasters that help the American Nazi movement gain new members.

Godwin’s Law is toast. No one serious can claim that comparisons between the present-day USA and Germany in the 1930s coarsen the tone of political discourse. Political discourse is already coarsened beyond what anyone thought possible three years ago.

Yes, let’s compare Trump and Hitler. Let’s not stop there, though. Let’s compare the counterproductive tactics of certain anti-Nazi groups in Germany in the 1930s with the counterproductive tactics of antifa today.

Back in the 1930s, Adolf Hitler responded to the burning of the Reichstag by seizing terrifying new dictatorial powers for himself. These powers were those that enabled him to institute the Holocaust to the horrible degree that he did. It’s likely that Hitler arranged for the Reichstag to be burned himself as a pretext for his seizure of power. However, the propaganda that anti-Nazi leftists had burned the Reichstag was made plausible by the fact that militias of violent anti-Nazis had engaged in brutal street fights for years instead of pursuing peaceful protests. The violence of the anti-Nazi gangs didn’t stop Adolf Hitler. The violence of the anti-Nazis made the Nazis stronger.

If you’re wearing a “punch a Nazi” tshirt, or carrying a “make racists afraid again” sign, you’re not part of the solution. You’re part of the problem.

Violence and fear are never progressive.

Antifa idiots who infiltrate anti-Trump, anti-racism protests and then engage in violent attacks aren’t making Trump and his racist supporters weaker. They’re making Trump and his supporters stronger.

Antifa is giving Trump the material he needs to justify even harsher fascist policies. They’re giving Trump the pretext he needs to pull his own version of the Reichstag burning.

Antifa isn’t anti-fascist. Antifa makes American fascist organizations stronger.

If you’ve been involved in antifa, it’s time to take off your stinking black mask, apologize for the harm that you’ve caused, and make a public denunciation of the political violence of which you have been a part.

Members of the anti-Trump, anti-racism movement need to follow the example of Al Letson.

We have the responsibility to defy antifa. We have the responsibility to shut their violence down.

Here’s what that means:

1) Condemn antifa, without equivocation, without any bullshit “all sides” excuses for antifa violence.
2) If you’re at a protest, and you see antifa attack someone, don’t fight antifa, but put your body in the way of the antifa violence, like Al Leston did. If antifa wants to hit and kick, make them hit and kick you.
3) If you’re at a protest, the minute you see anybody wearing antifa gear (which often includes black clothes and a mask over the face), take nonviolent action to resist the antifa presence there. First, call out the presence of the antifa member, loudly warning fellow protesters that there is an antifa agitator in the crowd. Second, announce that you will not protest alongside anyone from antifa. Third, if the antifa person does not leave the protest, you need to follow through. You need to leave the protest. Finally, when you get back home, write about what happneed. Spread the word that you left the protest because of the presence of antifa.

Yes, in the short term, resisting antifa is going to make it more difficult to protest against Donald Trump and his racism, sexism, homophobia, corruption, etc. In the long term, however, weeding out antifa violence will make anti-Trump protesters stronger.

If we don’t take action to resist the oppression of antifa, we’re not much better than the brownshirts rallying for Trump.

6 thoughts on “Antifa Idiots, Don’t Burn The Reichstag For Trump!”

  1. Bobby Richardsoh says:

    While I agree in principle with everything you say, I can’t help but raise the possibility of a ‘false-flag’ operation. Just exactly how do we know that those ‘100’ were truly part of the antifa?

    As you say. This type of activity just gives a fascist more justification for even more oppression. I would think the antifa would know that…

    1. J Clifford says:

      Well, we can never really know ANYTHING for sure. How do we know that reality as we know it isn’t just a hologram?

      Ok. That aside, we can be fairly sure that the violent antifa fighters were actually genuine antifa because: 1) Antifa fighters have a long, consistent history of unreasonable violence and destruction and 2) Antifa ideology embraces the use of violence

      The possibility you’re proposing is that somehow there was a false-flag operation of 100 fake antifa protesters for a white supremacist rally that couldn’t manage to bring in 100 ordinary protesters. I think it’s highly unlikely that the nasty Nazis coordinated such a huge piece of trickery when they couldn’t even manage to get a reasonable-sized crowd out.

      Also, any false-flag accusation is really an extraordinary claim. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. They don’t merit belief until they’re disproved. [typo in the original comment]

      I mean, I could claim that you are actually Donald Trump, planting a “false flag” comment here, but in order to be believed, I should have proof of such an extraordinary claim.

  2. Bobby Richardsoh says:

    Not to argue semantics but how does *any* assertion merit belief *after* it has been disproved? And to clarify, I made no such suggestion/assertion, simply asked the question. And your observations regarding the past behavior of some members of the antifa, while no doubt fairly accurate, still don’t answer the question.

    How do we know that these ‘100’ were antifa?

    1. J Clifford says:

      Oh, just the reporters who were live on the scene.

      Or, maybe we can suppose that the Washington Post is in on the conspiracy, too.

      “False flag” is the phrase Alex Jones uses to deny the reality of Nazi Trump supporters. Let’s not do an Alex Jones here, okay?

  3. Al Hopfmann says:

    It is good to see some common sense here. Now, let’s dig deeper behind ALL of these “movements”.

  4. charles manning says:

    J. Clifford, your comments on Antifa (I think we should capitalize the name) are spot on. Plus, I’ve not run across such cogent comments elsewhere in the media.

    As for the possibility of a ‘false-flag’ operation, it would be important to know if that was happening. But if Antifa is a genuine organization, surely they would publicly denounce a false-flag operation. Doing so would be more a more effective act in furtherance of their beliefs than using violence against people they disagree with.

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