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Lamar Smith Seeks To Unleash More Toxic Chemicals On Houston

Hurricane Harvey has revealed that the people of Houston are at extreme risk of exposure to toxic chemicals. Current storage methods for these chemicals has proved inadequate, as industrial toxins throughout the city are contaminating neighborhoods by leaking into floodwaters. The Arkema chemical plant couldn’t handle the rough weather, and suffered multiple explosions and fires.

Just a short drive away from Houston is the congressional district of U.S. Representative Lamar Smith.

Lamar Smith is the chair of the House Committee on Space, Science and Technology. So, how is Congressman Smith using his power to cope with the crisis in unsafe storage of toxic chemicals in America?

He’s holding a hearing less than an hour from now with the purpose of disabling environmental measures created with the help of the EPA’s Integrated Risk Information System. The goal of the hearing is to find ways to reduce federal protections for American neighborhoods against toxic industrial chemicals.

Lamar Smith is planning to make chemical storage in hurricane-prone cities like Houston even more risky.

One thought on “Lamar Smith Seeks To Unleash More Toxic Chemicals On Houston”

  1. Kevin says:

    And I still can’t legally grow a cannabis plant in my backyard. Liberty for the rich and powerful and the truncheon for the rest of us.

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