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How Can We Move Beyond Resistance When We Haven’t Even Gotten To Effective Resistance Yet?

There’s a meeting taking place in Philadelphia today called “Beyond the Resistance”. The premise of the meeting is that resistance against Donald Trump is all well and good, but that we need to move on to the next steps. “Many of us have been fighting back against the Trump regime with some success, but now… it’s time to move beyond resistance,” the promotional material for the event says.

Fighting back against the Trump regime with some success?

What actual success has there actually been in the Trump resistance?

What I’ve seen is some limited containment. A few of Trump’s priorities have been delayed, but many are moving forward. Effective resistance is not demonstrated by a delay of the repeal of health care reform.

There’s a big pile of evidence that Donald Trump and his top aides were colluding with Russians who attacked the United States, but all we’ve got is a slow-moving independent counsel to deal with that issue. Donald Trump has embraced American Nazis, is threatening nuclear war, is disabling the best federal government protections for American communities, and the resistance hasn’t been able to do much about it.

Donald Trump wouldn’t last more than a few months, many said, but he’s still sitting in the Oval Office, with Congress under the control of his own party, and a right wing Supreme Court.

What’s more, the leaders of the Democratic Party, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have now decided that the best plan is to cooperate with Trump.

Anti-Trump activists are exhausted, overwhelmed, dispirited. How can we possibly go beyond resistance, when resistance to Trump hasn’t been successful?

The group in Philadelphia proposes that anti-Trump activists move forward by articulating a long, rambling list of priorities, paying attention to the details of their intersections with various forms of injustice: “We will highlight issues we already work on, ranging from education to environment, public banking and health care, and discuss how you can get involved. We’ll also review the latest draft of a proposed Progressive Platform that we hope will reflect the wide range of concerns of the developing intersectional movement in Philadelphia.”

There have been progressive platforms in existence for years. The main difference now is that progressives have actually no means to implement any of their platform ideas.

Committee discussions about the various possible models of public banking are not what we need right now. We can’t go beyond resistance to Donald Trump until Donald Trump is out of office.

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