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Register to Vote

Today is National Voter Registration Day.

It may sound needlessly obvious to say this, but you need to register to vote in order to vote.

Too many Americans aren’t registered to vote. Too many Americans don’t vote.

Voting in elections is the most effective form of activism there is.

If you feel frustrated with your local, state, and national government, you can vote to change it.

If you’re frustrated with the choices that the political parties have made available to you, you don’t have to register to vote with a political party. You can register independent – with no political party at all.

You don’t have to support any candidate when you vote, if you don’t want to. You can cast an empty ballot, if you truly feel that none of the candidates on the ballot are worthy of your support.

Still, register to vote and show up to vote. Not registering and not voting doesn’t take power away from the politicians and their political parties. It contributes to their power, by making the votes of their supporters count as a larger portion of the electorate than they otherwise would.

Chances are, you’ve signed up for a Facebook account.

You can do it. Register to vote.

2 thoughts on “Register to Vote”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    Your advice on registering to vote is good. Even better is your advice that one does not need to vote if no candidates are satisfactory. Leaving a blank or writing in Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, or Ben Dover often sends a good message, at least to the vote counters who see it. But worst of all are the uninformed voters who vote simply for the “popular choice” (the one who is predicted to win), or vote ethnically, or for a candidate simply because he or she is the incumbent.

    1. Kevin says:

      “ethnically”? Nice job Al.

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