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Tell Us Again How Guns Make Everyone Safe

You all know the news.

Last night, a 64 year-old man named Stephen Paddock took 23 guns with him up into a 32nd floor room in the Mandalay Bay casino, opened the window, and fired his guns at people attending a country music concert across the street.

At present, the death toll is 58. Over 500 people were hospitalized with injuries as a result of Paddock’s gun attack.

Guns do not make us safe

The standard response of the National Rifle Association, an organization set up by companies that manufacture guns and ammunition, is that there shouldn’t be any regulation of guns or ammunition at all. The NRA likes to say that if everybody had guns, we would all be safe, because people in any group being attacked could quickly whip out their guns and kill their attacker.

The gun attack in Las Vegas illustrates why this argument is a great big load of bullshit.

The victims in Las Vegas were country music fans – the demographic most likely to carry guns around with them. No one, however, whatever loosening of gun regulations took place, would casually carry a rifle capable of long-distance accuracy with them to a music concert.

Even if someone in the crowd had brought an accurate long-distance rifle, using it at night in a panicky crowd to shoot back up at the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay casino would likely have resulted in more death, not less, with bullets from defenders shooting up people in nearby rooms.

More guns don’t help. Open carry doesn’t make people safer.

Guns are dangerous weapons designed to kill human beings. We need less of them, not more.

Postscript: This isn’t an abstract matter. Members of the Josh Abbott Band, performing last night at the scene of the attack, had guns with them. “They were useless,” says Caleb Keeter, a guitarist with the band.

4 thoughts on “Tell Us Again How Guns Make Everyone Safe”

  1. Jarijari says:

    What the hell will it take before America wakes up. Even if 50 people were mowed down every single day by a mass murderer it wouldn’t change a thing. The argument about the need to defend one’s self and one’s family is an abomination. Here in Australia I don’t know anyone who even has a firearm, except for police on duty (as well as some security staff) and farmers protecting their livestock from foxes and other pests. After the the gun laws in Australia were tightened two decades ago, the homicide rate almost halved. There have been no mass murders in recent years. In the US, meanwhile, the slaughter will continue unabated.

  2. Solidfox says:

    How many people die from obesity related disease? Lots more than those who die from any kind of violence. Yet there you are blaming the implement not the person and society. Why not take a stand against forks, spoons, straws and steak knives? By the logic used to vilify objects instead of people, we should fight againt all silverware and beverage containers to end obesity.

    Regulate spoons and save lives😒

    1. Kevin says:

      Logic is a pretty big tool for you to be using – you might want to get some help. Obesity is a self-induced ailment, as opposed to being gunned down by angry white guys with an arsenal. Now if those angry white guys want to go the suicide route first, I’m all for it, gun or spoon.

    2. J Clifford says:

      Solidfox, you’re using a strawman argument. This article is specifically addressing the claim that carrying around guns makes people safer, and protects them in situations like the Las Vegas shooting. The facts are that there were gun-toters aplenty at the Las Vegas concert, and their guns didn’t make them safer. A police swat team did.

      If you want to use a food analogy, the argument that’s similar to that of gun manufacturer’s lobbyists is that carrying around candy bars protects people from diabetes.

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