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More Christian Preachers Behaving Badly

Last week, I wrote about a rash of violence and sexual abuse by Christian preachers. This week, the streak of pastoral crimes continues.

On Monday, the sexual abuse conviction of Mike Sperou, the pastor of the North Clackamas Bible Community in Happy Valley, Oregon, was upheld by the Oregon Court of Appeals. Sperou sexually abused seven girls in his congregation in Multnomah County.

On the same day, a judge ruled that there is probable cause to charge the Reverend Mitch Walters of Our Lady of Sorrows church in South Orange, New Jersey with the sexual assault of an altar boy in a confessional booth when he was a priest at St. John Nepomucene Parish in Guttenberg, New Jersey. Walters is also suspected of molesting several children while working as a priest at St. Cassian’s Parish in Montclair, New Jersey. In response, the Archdiocese of Newark has filed legal paperwork to keep hidden church records revealing how much the New Jersey Catholic bureaucracy knew about the crimes that were being committed by Walters.

On Tuesday, David Wayne Farren, the lead pastor of Anchor Church in Texarkana and a youth pastor at Trinity Church in the same city, was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to nine counts of sexual abuse of two girls. Farren abused one of the girls after she confided that she had been sexually abused before. The pastor abused the other girl after her father died.

Yesterday, the Archdiocese of Chicago was hit with a 50 million dollar lawsuit alleging that Catholic leaders in the city knew about the repeated sexual abuse of boys by Father Daniel McCormack, a priest who was convicted earlier this year on multiple counts of abuse, but did nothing to stop it. The Archdiocese of Chicago is refusing to comment on the suit, but is continuing to hold events with priests preaching about their churches’ superior morality.

Sometimes, Christian preachers practice their abuse with help from others. Earlier this week, Samuel Emerson, pastor of the Cloverdale Christian Fellowship Church in Surrey, British Columbia, was charged, along with his wife Madelaine Emerson, of repeatedly sexually assaulting a child. The preacher is also charged with threatening people with physical violence. “A sacred trust has been broken,” said Emerson’s father.

Also this week, Pastor Kenneth Butler of the Kingdom Encounter Family Worship Center in Toledo, Ohio was charged with the sex trafficking of a 16 year-old girl. Butler is accused not only of paying the girl for sex, but of handing her into the clutches of two other Toledo preachers, Reverend Cordell Jenkins of Abundant Life Ministries and Anthony Haynes of the Greater Life Christian Center, who are currently in prison on charges that they ran a child prostitution and child pornography operation.

It’s not all just sexual abuse that Christian priests and preachers are practicing upon their followers. On Wednesday, Hien Minh Nguyen, a Catholic priest from the Vietnamese Catholic Center in San Jose, California, was sentenced to three years in prison for stealing 1.44 million dollars of donations. Nguyen stole cash donations, deposited donated checks into his personal bank accounts, and wrote checks from the Vietnamese Catholic Center to pay for his personal expenses.

How long will this trend of crimes by Christian priests go on before people start to seek answers to the obvious question: What is there about preachers in Christian churches that makes them prone to this kind of abusive behavior?

2 thoughts on “More Christian Preachers Behaving Badly”

  1. Paul says:

    Yes, “let he (or she) who is without sin cast the first stone” – our Lord Jesus was truly gracious to teach us how to react when someone else is caught in a sin, BUT – at what point do we say that at least for some people, they simply NEED to recognize within themselves (because deep down THEY KNOW) that they do NOT have the right ‘character’ for the position of ‘Pastor’ of a church. There are MILLIONS of decent people all over the world who struggle with sexual immorality; people who want to be ‘good’ yet still ‘think’ and ‘do’ “naughty” things that they know is morally wrong but they still do it. That’s what ‘sin’ is! That’s WHY Jesus was sent! Human beings are not capable of always doing the right thing and God loved us so much that He sent His actual Son (the Son of the Living God who was conceived by the Father God by the very shadowing over Mary and causing her to become pregnant) the TRUE God-Man Jesus Christ the promised Messiah and Savior of the world came to teach us how to live and to SAVE US from the eternal punishment of our sins and bore in Himself our sins and iniquities so that we may call on Him for forgiveness and strength to over come our sins. And one of the most POWERFUL changes that happens to real believers in Jesus is that the actual Spirit of the Living God enters you just like Jesus promised. He said that if we ASK (meaning KEEP ON ASKING until you get an answer) then He and the Father will come to you and live inside of you and make their home in you and will sup with you. Wow. How powerful it is too experience this! Yet, it is in this state that the ‘Spirit of truth’ will be honest with you! Do you have the CHARACTER to BE a ‘Pastor’? Or will you bring shame to yourself and others and to the Lord by placing yourself in a situation that you know you do not have the character to withstand. Know thyself! God will NOT be mocked! A man (and woman) reaps what they sow (whether a believer of unbeliever), if they sow to the flesh from the flesh they will reap destruction and eventually death (physical and spiritual) and if they sow to the Spirit, from the Spirit they will reap life and life more abundantly. Amen

    1. Horatio says:

      Why, when so many of the people who have taught you these things — none of which are backed up with actual evidence — do you continue to believe them, Paul?

      The same people who preach to you about how God will not be mocked turn out to have been fondling little children.

      Maybe your god will be mocked… because your god isn’t anything but a made up excuse for people who want to exercise power over others.

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