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Emotive Brand Recruits For Alien Overlords

Today, Emotive Brand published a promotional article on LinkedIn, the professional networking site run by “Microsoft”.

The article promises “Secrets to a Great Employee Brand Story to Recruit Top Talent”.

Emotive brand alien arms

A likely story.

Do you notice anything strange about this image, which accompanied the Emotive Brand article?

None of the people have any faces. They’re all just sitting, totally devoid of attention. You can’t even say they have blank expressions, because they have no faces to have expressions with.

Then there are these weird things dangling over their heads. First, there’s a gigantic magnifying glass, held up as if to concentrate the rays of the sun to burn the people below. Is that how the people lost their faces? Then, there are two unnaturally long arms descending from the skies, as if to identify the people below for additional torture, or to grab them by the heads, to pull them up… up to where?

extraterrestrial emotive brand

We’ve zoomed back the camera on this picture to reveal who is really behind the Emotive Brand article. As you can see, it’s the alien overlords in a spaceship in the sky. Apparently they’re abducting businesspeople, erasing their faces, and then marking them with emotive brands.

Don’t let them “recruit” you.

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