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Donald Trump Speaks to Group Representing a Religion Plagued by Sexual Assault

“We know that it’s… the church, not government officials, that know best how to create strong and loving communities.” This is what President Donald Trump said to a Christian conference, the Values Voter Summit, today.

The church knows better than public servants how to create strong and loving communities? Really? Why is it, then, that church attendance is in a sharp decline around the country?

Maybe it has to do with certain practices that are rampant in American churches – practices that religious officials are routinely arrested for that government officials aren’t accused of doing.

Chrisian churches don’t seem very effective at creating strong and loving communities, and one reason why is that their religious leaders, Protestant and Catholic alike, are regularly caught engaging in criminal sexual assault. Over the last two weeks, I’ve reported on preachers behaving badly, and sexual assault against congregation members, especially children, is the most common criminal complaint.

This week, yet more Christian church leaders have been caught practicing sex crimes. Pastor Joel Waltz of the Grace Community Church in Boone, Iowa. Waltz pled guilty to two counts of sexual exploitation of a young girl. Waltz wrote a statement admitting to using the girl, “for the purpose of arousing or satisfying my sexual desires. The events occurred when the person was under the age of 18.”

Is that what Donald Trump thinks creates strong and loving communities?

Maybe Trump was referring to the community work or Reid Buchanan, associate pastor of the St. Luke United Methodist Church in Lexington, Kentucky, who has been charged with sexual abuse of two children.

Perhaps Trump was praising the “loving” behavior of the Apostolic Assembly Church in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where an ordained minister employed by the church has admitted to having sex with a child there. That pastor has been charged with attempting to produce child pornography.

Was Trump celebrating the community building skills of Jeff Bondi, a youth minister at the Galilee Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia who has been convicted of Forced Object Penetration in a sexual assault against an 18 year-old girl?

alcohol to teenage girls value voter

What kind of “loving communities” hire people like Jared Michael Thomas, the youth pastor working for Ridge Manor First Baptist Church in Ridge Manor, Florida? Thomas has been charged with giving alcohol to teenage girls, in an incident in which he is also accused of touching the girls sexually, trying to force other teenagers into his car, and breaking a window in an attempt to break in to a building where the girls were hiding from him. Thomas is also a Christian rapper with the group Beyond Skillz.

values voter sex offender

What is the special loving knowledge that Donald Trump thinks David Diehl, Pastor of the Church on Fire in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has? Diehl has admitted to sending text messages in an attempt to buy an 11 year-old girl for sex. However, he has claimed that he shouldn’t have been charged with a crime because he only ATTEMPTED to buy an 11 year-old girl for sex, and was arrested before he could actually get away with it.

I haven’t seen any reports of federal government officials doing this type of thing.

So why is it that Donald Trump is praising a religion with a culture of sexual assault, but insulting public servants?

Oh, right. They’re Values VOTERS. Trump is pandering to the culture of sexual assault among Christian preachers because he thinks it will earn him votes.

What values.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Nice report.

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