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What America Gets From The Christianity of Donald Trump’s Values Voters

“We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values,” President Donald Trump announced to the people attending the Values Voter Summit, a gathering of extremist right wing Christians intent on forcing their religious views on everyone else.

So, now that Donald Trump has made it clear that the U.S. federal government is dedicated to promoting Christianity at the expense of everyone else, it’s becoming more important than ever to understand what American Christianity really stands for. After all, an overwhelming majority of American Christians voted for Trump in 2016.

Here’s what Trump referred to when he talked about promoting “Judeo-Christian values”: Bringing America to the brink of nuclear war, neglect of hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, coddling of American Nazis and other white supremacists, sabotage of health care for millions of Americans…

You get the picture.

Donald Trump shouted during his speech to his Values Voters that, “Above all else, we know this: In America, we don’t worship government – we worship God!”

The truth is that Christianity is on the wane in America. Increasing numbers of Americans don’t go to church to worship the Christian god.

Donald Trump’s angry, religiously bigoted speech points to one of the reasons for this trend. The majority of American Christians have consistently supported the most crude, violent, racist politicians, and loudly proclaim that they’re doing it in the name of their religion.

The rest of America is taking notice.

Christians elected Donald Trump, and in doing so, they have tied the reputation of their religion to the most morally reprehensible American politician in living memory.

Trump Christianity

5 thoughts on “What America Gets From The Christianity of Donald Trump’s Values Voters”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    Just curious. If “Christians elected Donald Trump”. who elected Barack Obama and the other Presidents before him?

    1. Carl a Toby says:

      The voters who elected Barack Hussein Obama, the greatest president in the history of everything, clearly somehow magically turned in racist, women-hating, nazi-loving, war-mongering swine…even the women and blacks, etc. And just in time to vote for a guy who’s so horrible that not one person can explain how his/her/its life has been negatively impacted in the almost 10 whole months he’s been in office.

      Although he did pass some interesting legislation, including the Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Act, plus dealing with four hurricanes (and yes, getting and to all areas –including Puerto Rico, which the governor acknowledged from the beginning, and the lying mayor had to acknowledge as well, once it was found that she SAT ON THE SUPPLIES OF FOOD AND MEDICINE FOR TWO WEEKS while taking the time to make t-shirts and upload YouTube videos making bogus claims about the lack of food and medicine from the mainland), created a situation that forced China to step up and deal with North Korea –finally. Thus AVOIDING the war that Kim Jong Uno Luno has been threatening for decades, and withdrawing from the idiot Paris Accord, two scientists of which were the FOUNDERS and debunked the entire concept of man-induced imaginary polar bear deaths (turns out the ice caps are actually GROWING not shrinking –oops), and plenty more, all while working with an incomplete cabinet and a media which has nothing real to destroy him with except nasty names. And btw, still nothing on the RUSSIAN CONNECTION after over a year and a half of wasted time and resources.
      So what’s the problem with Trump, exactly?

      1. Kevin says:

        Gee Carl, Republicans spent 4 years investigating Bill and Monica and 2+ on Benghazi. What’s your hurry with the Russian investigation?

    2. Kevin says:

      Maybe Republican Christians like yourself Al should spend a little more time reading what Jesus Christ had to say, instead of putting words in his mouth.

  2. Juniper says:

    Really, that’s the best that Trump supporters can do? Deny the reality of Russian interference in the 2016, deny the reality of climate change, and trot out the name “Barack Hussein Obama”?

    That’s pathetic.

    Let’s remember that Donald Trump won the Electoral College, but lost the popular vote by millions. So no, the people who elected Obama were not the same people who elected Trump.

    Facts are facts, guys:

    – The majority of non-Christian voters voted AGAINST Donald Trump in 2016
    – The majority of Christian voters voted FOR Donald Trump in 2016
    – The majority of Donald Trump’s voters in 2016 were Christian

    You break it, you own it.

    American Christian voters have a huge mess to take responsibility for.

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