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Seattle Protesters Demand Vote Against Donald Trump’s Special Breaks for Billionaires

“Trump’s tax ‘reform’ to benefit millionaires and billionaires will inflict untold harm on ordinary Americans.”

That’s the message of a protest due to begin one hour from now outside the federal building in Seattle, Washington.

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich has identified 5 pieces of evidence indicating that Donald Trump’s tax plan will further concentrate wealth in the hands of the richest Americans.

Today’s anti-Trump demonstration is being organized by Seattle Indivisible, which describes itself as “a group of volunteers who are dedicated to one goal: stop the Trump Agenda in its tracks.”

Today’s protest will be followed by an organizational meeting this Sunday at 2:00 PM in the Columbia Branch Seattle Public Library.

One thought on “Seattle Protesters Demand Vote Against Donald Trump’s Special Breaks for Billionaires”

  1. Kevin says:

    Remember, Trump is a Republican; the Trump agenda is a Republican agenda. Republican voters overwhelmingly voted for Trump.

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