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Donald Trump Censors Government Scientists From Talking About Climate Change

Three scientists from the Environmental Protection Agency were scheduled to speak at a conference in Rhode Island today. They were going to talk about new scientific research on the impact of climate change in New England.

Today, we’ve learned that the Trump Administration has ordered the censorship of those scientists, ordering them not to speak at the conference.

Neither the methods nor the conclusions of the scientific research by the scientists are in dispute.

The Trump Administration simply doesn’t want government scientists to talk about science that is politically inconvenient to the Trump agenda of helping corporations to evade responsibility for public health and safety. The more scientists discuss objective data showing that anthropogenic climate change is real and causing harm to natural ecosystems and human societies, the more difficult it becomes for corporations to profit from activities that make the climate crisis worse.

So, when Donald Trump and his corporate appointees can’t argue against the facts of climate science, they just practice censorship instead.

The responsibility now lies with you. Are you going to remain silent about Trump’s censorship of scientists on climate change, and allow the story to go untold?

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