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Dave Brat Opposes Balanced Budget As He Pushes Balanced Budget Amendment

This week, Dave Brat, a U.S. Representative from Virginia, sponsored H.J. Res 119, a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget for the federal government.

Also this week, Dave Brat reaffirmed his support for the Trump budget plan, which would make balanced budgets impossible, increasing the federal budget deficit by more than 2 trillion dollars over the next decade.

Congressman Dave Brat’s hypocrisy is echoed by the 13 cosponsors of H.J. Res 119, all of whom also support Trump’s deficit-expanding budget. The names of these Republican budget hypocrites are:

Mark Sanford
Paul Gosar
Mark Meadows
Scott DesJarlais
Steve Palazzo
James Sensenbrenner
Brett Guthrie
Thomas Massie
Morgan Griffith
Mike Bishop
Alexander Mooney
Buddy Carter
Daniel Webster
John Katko

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