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Trump Freaks Out As First Arrest For Collusion In Russian Attack Looms

In 2016, the government of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin attacked the United States with the goal of making Donald Trump President of the United States. Multiple streams of evidence all point to collusion in these attacks from many top aides in the Trump for President campaign, including Donald Trump’s own son and son-in-law, and possibly Donald Trump himself.

Most recently, it was revealed that Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Moscow lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort in a Trump Tower meeting that all three of them tried to keep secret from the American people, had planned the meeting with Russian government officials. Veselnitskaya offered the Trump campaign illegally hacked information about Hillary Clinton in exchange for Trump Administration opposition to increased sanctions against Russia.

In this week’s news, we learned that, in the quo for Veselnitskaya’s quid, the Trump Administration has delayed implementation of new sanctions against Russia imposed by Congress to the greatest extent legally possible.

On Friday, we learned that the first arrest warrant from the grand jury associated with the criminal investigation of the Trump Administration by independent counsel Robert Mueller has been issued. The first criminal suspect – and possibly additional suspects – from the Trump for President campaign could be brought to prison tomorrow.

In response, Donald Trump has entered into a full-out Twitter freak out. At the end of a string of incoherent, conspiratorial tweets today, Trump wrote, ”All of this “Russia” talk right when the Republicans are making their big push for historic Tax Cuts & Reform. Is this coincidental? NOT!”

Let’s tackle the implications of this White House message head on. Is the news about the upcoming arrests of members of the Trump for President campaign on criminal charges related to collusion with Russian attacks against the United States coincidental with Donald Trump’s push for huge payoffs to super-wealthy dynasties and big corporations at the expense of working Americans?

No. No, it isn’t coincidental.

But, the word “coincidental” doesn’t mean what Donald Trump thinks it means.

Coincidence is the condition of different things taking place in such a way that their occurrence is correlated in time. In other words, coincidence is when things happen at the same time.

The record clearly shows that news about collusion between the Trump for President campaign and Vladimir Putin’s network of Russian oligarchs and spies isn’t coincident with Donald Trump’s effort this month to increase economic inequality. That’s because news about the apparently criminal involvement of Donald Trump and his aides with Vladimir Trump and his stooges has been strong and steady all year long, while Trump’s push to expand the federal debt to enrich his powerful friends has been going on for only a few weeks.

The condition of coincidence that Donald Trump suggested in his tweet, therefore, simply doesn’t exist. It’s ridiculous of Trump to claim that people are only talking about Russia now because of what he’s doing this month. It’s akin to a child claiming in the last week of May that it’s a coincidence that he’s getting homework from school just when the weather is right for going to the beach.

Of course, what Trump meant to say is that it’s not merely coincidence that news of his illegal involvement with Russian spies attacking the United States is taking place just as his unjust economic agenda is supposed to be moving forward.

What Trump is too foggy-minded to realize is that these two occurrences are not even a coincidence.

To have a President who is simultaneously involved in the biggest foreign attack against a U.S. election in American history and the intellectually incapable of forming a coherent statement about the historical crisis that he has imposed upon the nation is a uniquely dangerous coincidence.

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