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New Crime Spree By Christian Preachers Strikes USA

Over the last seven days, Christian preachers have been caught breaking laws across the country in a religious crime wave that has not been covered in the corporate press.

The web site of Hope Cathedral in Jackson, New Jersey became unavailable last week after Trevon Gross, the pastor of the Christian church, was convicted of accepting bribes and working to help an international crime ring launder money.

Jackson New Jersey churchIn Columbia, Missouri, a pastor from Chosen Generation Ministries, a Christian church, was arrested for brutally beating a young woman until her jaw was broken. The preacher, Lorenzo Lawson, was the father of a newborn baby living with the woman he attacked. She had become pregnant while Lawson was “ministering” to her.

In Kankakee, Illinois, a Catholic priest for the Sacred Heart Parish named Richard Jacklin was arrested after he was caught performing a sex act on a paralyzed and mentally disabled 39 year-old man.

Michael Shane Cruse, the lead pastor of Restoration Life Church in Vernon, Alabama was arrested after he traveled to Kentucky in order to try to have sex with a 16 year-old boy.

Robert Wyatt, a pastor at the Agape Bible Church in Thornton, Colorado, admitted that he repeatedly sexually assaulted a girl from the time she was 12. Leaders of the Agape Bible Church tried to prevent the police from finding out about the crime.

Harry J. Byrne, a high ranking Catholic Priest with the Archdiocese of New York, was arrested for possession of child pornography. Byrne lived at a home for priests and eagerly showed images of young girls having sex with adult men to visitors to his room.

Lent Christopher Carr, the preacher at Emmaus Cathedral in Raeford, North Carolina, was arrested for forging a check to pay for back taxes.

Finally, Keith Douglas Haskell, a pastor at Bridges of Hope Community Church in Owatunna, Minnesota was arrested after he impersonated a police officer, assaulted a pair of teenagers with pepper spray, and attempted to steal the car keys and cell phone of one of the teenagers.

2 thoughts on “New Crime Spree By Christian Preachers Strikes USA”

  1. Bobby Richardsoh says:

    I bailed on ‘organized religion’ at age 16 & have never looked back.

  2. Kevin says:

    Jeebus works in mysterious ways!

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