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Congress Learns Trump Knew Carter Page Was Going To Russia

The House Intelligence Committee has released a transcript of a hearing at which Carter Page was compelled to testify about his involvement with Russian attacks against the United States last year. The Russian attacks appear to have been conducted with the eager cooperation of the Trump for President campaign, with the goal of using multiple criminal methods to ensure that Donald Trump would become President.

Among the revelations in the transcript:

  • Two days ago, Carter Page lied during a television appearance, declaring that he had not met with any Russians but with people on the street. Page then lied to the committee by saying first that he did not meet with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich in July 2016. Congressman Adam Schiff asked, ”You had no private meeting with him?“ Page answered, ”Absolutely no, not in July.” Next, Page was confronted with evidence that he did in fact meet privately with Dvorkovich in July 2016. A report to the Trump for President campaign, written by Carter Page himself, stated “In a private conversation, Dvorkovich expressed strong support for Mr. Trump and a desire to work together”.
  • Carter Page then lied to the congressional committee again, saying that he had only met with Dvorkovich while in Russia in 2016. Adam Schiff then produced a message that Page had sent to the Trump for President campaign, regarding ”some incredible insights and outreach I’ve received from a few Russian legislators and senior members of the Presidential administration here.”
  • Carter Page has refused to provide documents about his involvement with agents of the Russian government, even though those documents were required by a congressional subpoena. Page acknowledged that if the information in these secret documents about his involvement with Russian agents were revealed to congressional investigators, they would “put me a jeopardy” of a “judicial” sort. In other words, Page admitted that the documents contain information that show he committed a crime. Among the documents Page refused to provide to the committee was the report he gave to the Trump for President campaign, declaring his private meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovich about collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. Carter’s message to the Trump for President campaign bragging about having met with several more high-ranking members of the Russian government was another one of the documents Page covered up.
  • Carter Page was evasive about whether he has participated in efforts to cover up crimes related to collusion with Russian government agents. When Congressman Adam Schiff asked Page, “Have you taken any action or urged others to take any action to conceal you communications that are the subject of this investigation?” Page answered, “I don’t understand the question.” Of course, Page had lied again. Page had concealed communications in which he informed his colleagues in the Trump for President campaign that he had contacted several senior members of Vladimir Putin’s dictatorial government while in Moscow, acting as “Campaign Adviser” to Donald Trump.
  • Carter Page also told Jeff Sessions, then a top aide to the Trump for President campaign, and now appointed Attorney General of the United States by Donald Trump, that he was going to Russia to meetin with Russian government officials.
  • The airline ticket, hotel, and meals Carter Page enjoyed while doing to Moscow to meet with several senior Russians officials was paid for by a Russian organization.
  • Carter Page met with George Papadopoulous, a Trump for President campaign adviser who admitted his guilt in trying to conceal his secret meetings with Russian government officials from the FBI.
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