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Roy Moore: Preachers Behaving Badly Special Edition

For weeks, Irregular Times has been following the largely unreported crime spree by Christian preachers across the United States. They have beaten, abused, and burgled the most vulnerable people in their communities, all while loudly declaring that they have a sacred secret of moral living.

America has no more prominent Christian preacher than Roy Moore. Moore has used his power as a justice on the Alabama Supreme Court to force all citizens of that state to accept and spread Christian teachings about morality. Now Moore is running for the United States Senate on a platform of imposing the same Christian theocracy on the entire nation.

This week, it has been learned that Roy Moore has been accused of repeatedly attempting to have sex with teenage girls of middle school age.

Another Christian politician in Alabama has defended Roy Moore’s actions by saying that it’s okay for adult men to have sex with girls who are still children because that’s what Joseph did to get Mary pregnant with Jesus. “There’s nothing immoral or illegal here, maybe just a little bit unusual,” said Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler.

In fact, it is illegal for adult men to have sex with girls in middle school.

Is it morally acceptable for adult men to have sex with little girls if characters in the Bible have done so?

Republicans standing by Roy Moore seem to think so.

3 thoughts on “Roy Moore: Preachers Behaving Badly Special Edition”

  1. Robert Comer says:

    Roy Moore is a PIG and his actions have proven it conclusively. People who make excuses for Moore’s illegal behavior are PIGS, too. A true, caring, HONEST Christian wouldn’t make excuses for a pedophile, but, apparently, these excuse-makers are Christians in name only. Phonies, really. Tons of shame on them! Hey, go to church and pray to have your obvious sins mentioned. YOU are really sickening! And, I wouldn’t trust Roy Moore to clean out my septic tank or pick up garbage. Bob, disabled Vietnam war veteran.

  2. Sgt.Schultz says:

    There is no excuse for pedaphilia, it’s just wrong?
    Speaking of Roy Moore, whatever happened to all his accusers? Seems like they all just vanished after the election. Just like the media coverage. I didnt know Moore was a preacher, knew he was a judge and former DA.
    You would think the MSM would run with this.

    1. J Clifford says:

      The accusers are still there. Roy Moore is still fighting them off with ridiculous denials.

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