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Roy Moore and the Forces Of Evil

What is the meaning of evil?

This question has pervaded Christian debates about morality for 2000 years. Now, thanks to the wisdom of Kayla Moore, This question peers to be resolved.

Kayla, the wife of Roy Moore, the hyperfundamentalist Christian politician who is running for a seat in the U.S. Senate on the platform of forcing Christian worship on all Americans, sent a message to her husband’s followers this weekend, saying that when they send money it lifts “Roy’s spirits and encourages him to continue slugging it out with everything he’s got against the forces of evil.”

The forces of evil?

I haven’t seen any forces of evil roaming around my neighborhood. What on earth is Kayla Moore talking about?

Here is the context of her comments: her husband, Roy Moore, has been accused of kissing and sexually assaulting young girls, some below even Alabama’s primitive age of consent. Mr. Moore has refused to deny his sexual interest in underage girls, and there are over 30 corroborating witnesses to the accusations.

Kayla Moore is not saying that her husband should be counted as a member of the forces of evil, however. To the contrary, she is saying that anyone who seeks to hold her husband accountable trying to have sex with children is evil.

Kayla Moore’s message to the Christian followers of Roy Moore is that anyone who tries to stop grown men from having sex with little girls is a member of the forces of evil.

So, the debate within Christianity about the nature of evil seems to have settled on this theological conclusion: Young girls are the sexual property of adult men, and anyone who says differently is going to Hell.

To all of those Christians who think they have the right to preach to the rest of us about moral values, I make this invitation: Ask me again why I am not a Christian.


One thought on “Roy Moore and the Forces Of Evil”

  1. Kevin says:

    Around my neighborhood, “forces of evil” is code for Republican.

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