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UBS Brags That Most Businesses Won’t Pass On The Wealth From Corporate Tax Cuts

The giant Swiss bank UBS has put an advertisement out on Twitter in support of Republican legislation in the United States Congress to give wealthy families and giant corporations a big tax break.

The UBS Twitter ad suggests that Americans ought to support the GOP tax loophole because it will encourage business owners to reinvest in American society… but makes the argument very badly.

The ad cites a survey in which 44% of business owners state that, if the GOP tax loophole for corporations and wealthy families were passed, they would increase their economic investments. Furthermore, the UBS survey claims, 22% of business owners say that if the Republican loophole is made, they will use the money to create jobs.

Think about what these numbers really mean…

Greedy corporations

These numbers mean that a MAJORITY of business owners plan to just keep the money from the Republican tax loophole legislation, to make themselves even richer than they already are. 56% of business owners in the survey indicated that they would NOT reinvest the money in the American economy. 78% of business owners said that they would NOT use the money to create new jobs.

These numbers create an argument against the Republican tax loophole, not an argument for it.

What’s more, these survey responses merely reflect what business owners SAY they’re going to do, while they’re lobbying for the tax loophole. It’s fair to assume that business owners will actually even less stingy than they promise they will be, if only they can get a great big tax loophole.

Why would UBS engage in such transparent statistical idiocy?

The UBS Twitter ad isn’t a commercial for plebeian banking customers like you. It’s an advertisement for global scammers.

UBS is putting out this obviously insincere claim that businesses will reinvest their tax loophole savings in society because they want to remind big corporations and super-wealthy families where they can hide their money to avoid responsibility.

UBS is the leading bank for people and businesses seeking to engage in tax evasion and money laundering.

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