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Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump Can Now Ship Elephant Heads Back Home. Making America Great Again?

Sure, Donald Trump can’t build his wall, can’t repeal Obamacare, can’t get his big tax loophole for billionaires passed.

So what? When it comes to the important things that Donald Trump’s base of support really cares about, the Orange One has delivered!

Everyone remembers how, back in 2016, working Americans were suffering under the prohibition against taking their extra money, flying over to Africa, going on luxury safaris, and killing endangered elephants, then cutting their heads off and shipping them back to the USA and mounting them as trophies in their living rooms. Yes, the freedom to kill elephants and stuff their heads was understood by everybody to be the central motivating factor in Donald Trump’s marginal victory over Hillary Clinton.

How well I remember going down to a corner bar in Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania and overhearing the stories of woe from men drowning their sorrows, lamenting that they could no longer go to Africa to go elephant hunting like their fathers used to do.

No longer! Yesterday, Donald Trump announced that he has reversed a ban on hunting elephants and shipping parts of their bodies back to the United States.

That’s the way to show your priorities, Mr. Trump, by paying attention to the bread and butter issues like elephant trophy hunting that are going to make America great again!

Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. like to fly over to Africa to kill animals and cut off parts of their bodies. Isn’t that really what matters?

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