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New Data Confirms The Global Warming Hiatus Never Happened

On Sunday, the Heartland Institute, a political organization funded by big oil and coal corporations, wrote an article claiming that there was a “hiatus” in global warming several years ago. A couple days before that, the Republican web site TownHall told its readers that there had been a secret ”20-year global warming hiatus” somehow covered up in a US federal government conspiracy. As these recent opinion articles illustrate, the idea of a global warming hiatus is often used by fossil fuels lobbyists and their political allies as proof that global warming is a hoax, and that there’s no need for environmental protections to deal with carbon dioxide pollution.

There’s just one problem with the idea of the global warming hiatus: Reviews of scientific data consistently show that it never happened. A statistical evaluation published yesterday demonstrates that the data used by Cold Earthers to claim that global warming paused for 14 years was flawed, an artifact of bad record keeping, not of actual temperature trends.

This isn’t the first time that scientists have debunked the idea of a global warming hiatus. Unfortunately, as propaganda from sites such as TownHall and the Heartland Institute show, facts won’t get in the way of a right wing rant. We can expect pro-pollution pundits to keep on claiming that there was a pause in global warming without regard to any scientific research.

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