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Congressman Joe Barton Manages To Make Harmless Sex Toxic

Texas Republican Congressman Joe Barton has apologized to his constituents for sending a naked photograph of himself, along with a video of himself masturbating, to a woman with whom he was having a consensual sexual relationship.

Why was this apology necessary?

The photograph and video were intended to be private, between two adults. No one was harmed in their production. The person who decided to make these naked images of Congressman Joe Barton public should apologize, to Congressman Barton, for violating his privacy.

This could have been a story about inappropriate prudish attitudes, if only Joe Barton didn’t follow through on his sexual sharing with something darker.

It seems that Congressman Joe Barton threatened his girlfriend after he sent the images to her. He told her that he would abuse his power as a member of Congress and send the Capitol Hill police after her if the images were revealed.

In this case, it isn’t the sexual impulse that’s the ethical problem. Joe Barton didn’t sexually harass his girlfriend.

He just plain harassed her.

Joe Barton apologized for harmless sexual communication, but is refusing to apologize for his bullying behavior afterwards, illustrates everything that’s wrong with Republican Party values about sex.

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