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Michael Flynn Flips

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a slow news day, in which journalists only give us inane stories about turkeys being pardoned, generic reflections about gratitude, and recaps of the scores from football games.

This year, however, Thanksgiving brought us a great big, juicy, brined and basted news story: Mike Flynn, Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser, appears to have ended his resistance to the investigation of Trump’s collusion with Russia’s attacks against the American presidential election of 2016.

Michael Flynn’s lawyers have informed Donald Trump’s lawyers that the two legal teams will no longer be in communication with each other. From now on, Mike Flynn won’t let Donald Trump know about any of his interactions with Robert Mueller’s investigation.

The most likely reason that Mike Flynn’s lawyers would announce such a cessation of contact with Donald Trump’s lawyers would be that Flynn is making a deal with Mueller to testify against Trump in exchange for reduced punishment for his own crimes. Part of that deal would be to withhold details of Mueller’s investigation, so that Trump doesn’t know what evidence Mueller has against him until it’s too late.

The fact that Michael Flynn has been flipped against Donald Trump signals that Trump himself is now the prime target of Robert Mueller’s criminal investigations

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