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What’s Bizarre This Week

Scientists have discovered a pond of water in Antarctica, just a few inches deep, that is so intensely saturated with salt that it remains liquid at minus 50 degrees Celsius.

In the Florida panhandle, a small boat named Phantom of the Aqua that was abandoned during the middle of a hurricane has become a sightseeing destination after it ran aground at a popular beach. One visitor from Tennessee suggested that local authorities dig it out of the sand, saying, ”I’m surprised they haven’t come here and just dug it out. You dig the keel out under the water and you drag her out. It just depends on how many shovels he’s got.”

When four men in Utah, were found with stolen Tesla cars, they claimed that the cars had been given to them, by a man named Tesla.

Over a year ago, Donald Trump admitted that the Access Hollywood videotape capturing him bragging about his ability to sexually assault any woman and get away with it because he’s a celebrity was real. He explained that what he said was just ”locker room talk”. Now, Trump is saying that the tape he admitted was genuine might be a fake.

In the United Kingdom, a man found a warning on a plastic bag reading, “Warnings!Suffocation!Hazard! Keep this bag away from babies, children, pets, and cheese.”

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