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Tech Says We Need Surveillance In Cars – Why?

Alec Beale of HERE technologies <writes at Intelligent Transport Systems Review that, “a collaborative platform for automakers and transport authorities to share data is vital if we want to reduce congestion and accidents on Britain’s roads.”

The kind of data that he is referring to isn’t just in the aggregate. Beale writes glowingly of the technology that allows corporations, and threw them governments, to conduct surveillance on the movements of any individual who drives a wirelessly connected car. “Almost all high-end cars sold today are linked to servers in the carmaker’s back-end. Web connections are growing in the mid-range too,” he writes.

Why does Beale think that the only way to reduce congestion and accidents with cars is to have drivers spied on by corporate computers that track every move they make? It’s because, to him, a future in which more people use bicycles or mass transit is unthinkable.

Riding bicycles makes people healthy, cleans the air, and strengthens communities. Mass transit is more energy efficient and safer than self-driving cars.

These transportation solutions, however, don’t disrupt current transportation systems to concentrate wealth in the hands of a few tech elites, as self-driving cars do. Bicycles and mass transit simply save ordinary people money.

Before we redesign cities to be filled with even more digital surveillance in order to support the self-driving oligarchs, we ought to be thinking about who that surveillance technology is really vital for.

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