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The Top UX Designer Salary Hack For 2018!!

This week, Justin Baker brings us the thrilling (yawn… oh, excuse me) article, 2018 UX Designer Salary Forecast, because at the end of a year in which Silicon Valley firms have been repeatedly exposed betraying our trust, what we’re all really concerned about is how much money UX designers could grab for themselves next year. Right.

Let’s adopt the perspective of those A/B testers of new reality for a bit. UX designers want better salaries next year. Don’t we all?

Here’s a hack for UX designers who want to be paid more in 2018. It’s a hack, and not a piece of advice, because, thanks to the language used by UX designers, everything is a hack now.

personas with no faces ux designEnough delay. Here’s the UX designer salary hack for 2018: Differentiate your services. When you create graphic representations of the personas you craft to stand in the place of real people, give these images faces!

The persona without a face is sooooo 2017.

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