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Monthly Archives: November 2017

personas with no faces ux design

The Top UX Designer Salary Hack For 2018!!

This week, Justin Baker brings us the thrilling (yawn… oh, excuse me) article, 2018 UX Designer Salary Forecast, because at the end of a year in which Silicon Valley firms have been repeatedly exposed betraying our trust, what we’re all really concerned about is how

masochist cyber monday

The Trap of Cyber Monday

When you buy items offered on special discount sales such as those associated with Cyber Monday, you’re endorsing these abuses. You’re using your money to support an unjust system that treats people like commodities.

Cheese plastic bag warning

What’s Bizarre This Week

Scientists have discovered a pond of water in Antarctica, just a few inches deep, that is so intensely saturated with salt that it remains liquid at minus 50 degrees Celsius. In the Florida panhandle, a small boat named Phantom of the Aqua that was abandoned

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