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Yet More Horrible Crimes By Christian Preachers Across The USA

The stereotype of the Christian religious leader in December would have us see a peaceful, benevolent man setting up a nativity scene and preparing a sermon for a Christmas Eve service. Police blotters across the United States this week are showing something quite different, and disturbing.

The crime spree by Christian priests, pastors, and preachers continues across the USA, without slowing down for Christmas holiday celebrations. These crimes are just the latest in a spreading wave of crimes by American Christian leaders I’ve been tracking over the last few months.

Mark Wayne Miller, pastor at Broadway Baptist Church in Sand Springs, Oklahoma is in prison awaiting trial for defrauding members of his church of tens of thousands of dollars in order to continue his gambling habit. Pastor Miller also took prescription pain medications from church members in order to feed his chemical addiction.

Walter Brazington Jr., a Christian preacher at the All Nations Evangelistic Team in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma has been arrested for running a prostitution ring, with one prostitute having sex with clients knowing that she has the HIV virus. Brazington has also been found to have connections with a white supremacist organization, the Aryan Brotherhood.

Anna Elizabeth Young, leader of the House of Prayer in Micanopy, Florida is being charged with starving, torturing, and then finally murdering a toddler.

Kevin Richardson, a Christian preacher in Charleston, South Carolina, is facing trial for sexually abusing an 11 year-old girl after luring her into his car by promising to teach her how to drive.

A Christian youth pastor at a church in Panorama City, California has been charged with sexually assaulting 4 children, including one girl who was under the age of 12 at the time. Another one of his victims was just 10 years old.

Father James Talbot, a Catholic priest from Missouri, is facing trial in Maine for sexually assaulting a high school boy there after giving him beer.

Pastor Manuel Mora of the All Nations Church in New Brunswick, New Jersey has been arrested for repeatedly having sex with an underage girl.

Gerald Lee Porter, a Bible school teacher at the River Oak Church in Great Bridge, Virginia has been arraigned after he was found in possession of large amounts of child pornography.

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