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The Trump Evangelical Plan For Israel: Allow Jerusalem To Be Destroyed

Have you wondered why Donald Trump chose this particular moment, at the beginning of December, just a few weeks before Christmas, to announce that the United States is recognizing that Israel alone has Jerusalem as its capital city, and is moving the US embassy to Israel to Jerusalem?

It’s certainly not because there’s a new pressing need for attention to the contested claims of Palestinians and Israelis to Jerusalem.

It’s no coincidence that Donald Trump announced his decision right before the special election in which Christian pedophile Republican Senator Roy Moore is struggling in a neck and neck race to gain a seat in the United States Senate.

Trump’s decision to recognize Israel’s sole right to sovereignty over Jerusalem has very little to do with rational foreign policy considerations. Instead, it’s motivated by the crass political interest in motivating voter turnout among extremist right wing evangelical Christians, which just so happen to make up the majority of Republican voters in Alabama.

Evangelical Christians eagerly anticipate the end of the world, which they believe was foretold in their holy texts, written thousands of years ago. According to evangelical interpretations of those ancient texts, the end of the world can’t come until a red heifer is ritually sacrificed during the construction of a third temple in Jerusalem by the nation of Israel.

donald trump plan for israel

Evangelical Christians support the sole control of Jerusalem by Israel because they believe that the construction of a third temple of Judaism cannot begin for as long as control over Jerusalem is divided. One evangelical explains, “According to Ezekiel, Chapters 40 through 48, a massive temple will be built during the Millennial Kingdom. But the events prophesied by the Book of Revelation require a temple at the mid-point of the Tribulation Period when the beast (Antichrist) will have an image of himself erected there for all to worship. This will be part of the “Mark of the Beast” scenario explained in Revelation 13. The Temple Mount Institute has produced most of the furnishings for a new temple, has conducted training for priests, and may even have collected materials to start the construction, hopefully in the near future. Permission to do so would presumably be part of a peace agreement.”

As much as the government of Israel is willing to exploit such evangelical fanatical hunger for the end of the world to extend its political control, evangelicals’ support for Israeli political power is ultimately interested in the destruction of Israel and its Jewish and Muslim population. That’s because, in the “Tribulation Period”, evangelical Americans anticipate that the Jerusalem will be occupied by a tyrannical regime lasting a thousand years, and then, will be destroyed.

All of the world’s True Christians will, evangelicals believe, be raptured away.

Israeli Jews and all other non-Christians will be given one final chance to become Christians, and if they refuse, they will be cast into eternal torture by the Christian God right before Jerusalem is destroyed.

Totalitarianism for everyone living in Jerusalem, forced conversion, then eternal suffering: This is the future for Israel sought by America’s Christian evangelicals. It’s not really pro-Israel, is it?

Yet, they are so eager to see the bloody destruction of the world begin, starting in Israel, that Christian evangelical voters will support any politician seeking to create the Israeli control over Jerusalem that they see as the necessary precursor to the divine bloodbath.

That’s why Donald Trump chose to announce support for Israel’s sole control of Jerusalem in the weeks before Christmas, when evangelical voters are thinking about the divine wrath of the Second Coming of Jesus that they believe is just around the corner, just days before evangelicals are needed in Alabama to turn out to support Roy Moore in the polls.

Just imagine the violence that could occur if those Alabama values continue to take control of the U.S. federal government in Washington D.C.

It seems crazy to those of us who live outside of the weird world of American Christian evangelism, but for politicians who depend on right wing Christians as an electoral base, executing government policy in order to trigger the End Times is the bread and butter of public service. When Republican state senator Doug Broxson heard about Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Israel as having the sole sovereign claim over Jerusalem, he declared at a rally, ”I don’t know about you, but when I heard about Jerusalem – where the king of kings – where our soon coming king is coming back to Jerusalem, it is because President Trump declared Jerusalem to be capital of Israel.” The crowd cheered.

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