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After Roy Moore, Watch Out For Other Abusive Religious Leaders

It’s great news that Roy Moore, the right wing Christian politician who loved to talk about his superior religious morality but was caught trying to have sex with children, lost in his effort to be elected to the United States Senate yesterday. Roy Moore’s combination of harsh religious morality and abuse toward others isn’t an isolated phenomenon, though.

In the wake of Alabama’s close call with Roy Moore, Americans need to begin to pay attention to the many other Christian leaders who use their positions of power to victimize their followers. I’ve been tracking a crime wave by Christian preachers since the end of September, and this crime wave continues this week.

Dan Johnson, who is a Republican State Representative as well as the pastor of the Heart of Fire church in Fern Creek in Kentucky, has been accused of sexually assaulting a young girl at the church while she was trying to sleep on a couch with another girl. Dan Johnson has previously gained notoriety by comparing Barack Obama to a monkey. In response to this accusation, Johnson held a press conference at which he sang about the baby Jesus.

Fernando Maldonado, minister at the Grace Bible Church in Pleasant Hill, California, has skipped bail and is now a fugitive from the law. He was to go on trial for 23 counts of sexual abuse of a young girl.

James Arbaugh, a missionary with the group Walking With Christ, is under arrest in the United States after he admitted having sex with boys in Haiti. The missionary group had claimed that Arbaugh was there to help the boys. Arbaugh sexually abused at least 21 boys.

Harry Thomas, the founder of the nation’s largest Christian music festival and pastor at the Come Alive Church in Medford, New Jersey, is in legal custody after being charged with sexually abusing four children over a period of 16 years.

The crimes of Christian leaders mostly have to do with forcing vulnerable people to have sex with them, but that’s not all that’s going on.

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