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Congressman Al Green Urges His Republican Colleagues To Bubble Up

Republicans in both Houses of Congress are preparing to pass a bill that will:

Raise the taxes of most working Americans.
Sabotage health care in the United States.
Force students to pay penalties for going to school.
Create huge special gifts just for huge corporations and the most wealthy new aristocratic dynasties.
Unleash a 1.5 trillion dollar debt that will be paid off by working people.

In response to this bill, U.S. Representative Al Green made the following remarks:

”People who are poor cannot do more with less. There is a belief that if you are rich, you need more to do more. But if you are poor, you can do more with less. If poor people could do more with less, there would be no poor people. Let’s take care of those at the bottom. Let the system bubble up, as opposed to trickle down.”

Al Green is right. We need a bubble up economy, not a trickle down scam.

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