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What The Republicans Promised On Taxes Is Not What They Delivered

Republicans promised a big tax cut to help working Americans. That’s not what they delivered in their 2017 tax legislation, and voters know it.

U.S. Representative Robin Kelly stood on the floor in Congress and called out the GOP tax bill for what it is: A scam that takes money away from working Americans and hands it over to powerful economic elites. She said, “For nearly a year, Republicans have promised tax reform that benefits middle class families. Once again, there is a big difference between what the majority says and what the majority does.

Instead of being a tax break for middle class Americans, it is a tax scam that will force hardworking Illinois moms and dads to pay the bill for tax giveaways to the rich and well connected. That is just wrong.

Mr. Speaker, the American people know it is a scam. A new poll from Monmouth University found that half of all Americans believe this GOP tax scam will raise their taxes. These folks are right. It will raise their taxes, especially for families in Illinois and in the Second District.

Mr. Speaker, I will never vote to raise my constituents’ taxes just to pay for massive tax giveaways to major corporations and a handful of superwealthy families. I urge my colleagues to vote ‘no’ and stand with America’s middle class and working families, the backbone of our Nation.”

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