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David Kustoff is Outraged That People Are Talking About Donald Trump’s Criminal Conspiracy

Congressman David Kustoff is outraged. Yesterday, he warned a fellow member of the U.S House of Representatives that the outrage must not continue… But what was his outrage about?

Congressman Jared Huffman had just finished giving the following short speech on the floor:

”June 9, 2016, was the date of the infamous Trump Tower meeting with at least five Russians with Kremlin ties. That date is about the only constant in a tangled web of lies we have heard from Team Trump.

When Donald Trump, Jr., was first asked about this meeting, he said it was just about adoption, not a campaign issue. But he changed his tune when the New York Times revealed emails showing it was all about the campaign; in fact, an offer to get damning information on Hillary Clinton as ‘part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.’

Now, Donald Trump, Jr.’s, response to this illegal offer says it all:
‘…if it is what you say, I love it…’

We may never know how much collusion was set in motion at this meeting, but we do know two things: First, Team Trump has repeatedly misled us, concealing it from security clearance forms, issuing a false statement dictated by President Trump himself. Second, the Russians did go on to produce a massive cache of stolen emails and helped the Trump campaign in other ways.

These are damning facts, Mr. Speaker, and there are many more to come. We need to find out what else they lied about and what else they are hiding.”

It was in response to this statement that Representative Kustoff expressed his outrage – but not at the evidence that there was a pervasive, prolonged conspiracy within the Donald Trump for President campaign to betray the United States by helping Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to attack the 2017 presidential election. No, what Kustoff was angry about was that Representative Huffman had the audacity to talk about the Trump campaign’s criminal conspiracy.

Kustoff shouted, ”Members are reminded to refrain from engaging in personalities toward the President!”

Of course, if he had been listening, Kustoff would have understood that Huffman had carefully avoided violating the House of Representative rules against negative personal statements about the sitting President of the United States. He spoke only about the organization of the Trump for President campaign, and about Donald Trump Jr., the son of the President and one of his top aides.

It wasn’t Jared Huffman who was out of line.

One thought on “David Kustoff is Outraged That People Are Talking About Donald Trump’s Criminal Conspiracy”

  1. Kevin says:

    Republicon stooges gotta stooge. Their masters require it.

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