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Pastor Says Only A Theocracy Can Save The Constitution

Anyone who has a mind willing to see can perceive that the United States has been in a state of crisis over the last year.

Tom Fenholt, Senior Pastor at the Calvary Chapel Agape church in Long Beach, California has his idea about how to make everything better: Force all public school students to become Christian.

Fenholt preaches that, “To preserve our constitution & way of life, the 10 commandments must be placed again in every school and taught to children as an imperative.”

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “imperative” as ”having power to restrain, control, and direct,” and ”not to be avoided or evaded”.

So, what church leader Tom Fenholt wants to do is to transform American public schools into religious indoctrination facilities, teaching America’s children that they have no choice about what religion to believe – they must follow Christianity.

That’s what the Ten Commandments are mostly about, after all. The first four of those biblical commands have to do with the idea that people should not have any choice but to follow the commands of religious orthodoxy.

What Tom Fenholt clearly doesn’t understand is that in the United States of America, religious texts have absolutely zero status as sources of law.

The highest law of the land in the USA is the Constitution, and the Constitution only mentions religion in order to say that no American can be forced to join any religion, or to obey any religious laws. Above all else, the federal government cannot intervene on behalf of any individual religion, or on behalf of religion in general.

What Tom Fenholt suggests as a means to preserve the Constitution and our way of life would in fact end both.

The Ten Commandments are rules that were decided undemocratically halfway around the world thousands of years ago. They have no place as imperatives in American public school classrooms.

2 thoughts on “Pastor Says Only A Theocracy Can Save The Constitution”

  1. Kevin says:

    So this is “religious liberty” 😉

  2. J Clifford says:

    Well yeah, but what the Evangelicals believe in is a lot more than just 10 Commandments. There are a whole lot of commandments in the Book of Exodus, which they believe is the literal word of a divine being that created the universe and established universal moral law.

    Commandment #36 is this: “He that sacrificeth unto any god, save unto the LORD only, he shall be utterly destroyed.”

    So, you see, if you’re not a Christian of Jew, according to the Commandments that the Evangelicals say we all must obey, you have to be killed. No religious diversity allowed! You’re either Judeo-Christian, or you die. Also, all witches have to be killed.

    They want this kind of morality taught in the public schools as an “imperative”. Nice.

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