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The Brutal Hostility Behind New Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Oil Drilling

The 2017 Republican tax scheme to take money from working Americans and transfer it to the wealthy leisure class is even worse than you know. That’s because it’s stuffed with corrupt provisions and pet projects.

Among these: A provision legalizing oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

What does oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge have to do with taxes? There’s no rational connection, of course, but the GOP tax legislation isn’t about reason. It’s about a brutal ideological crusade.

Oil corporations aren’t even sure that it makes any economic sense to drill for oil in the Arctic. Economic sense isn’t the point for Republicans, though. The point for Republicans is to follow through on decades-old grudges and to pursue ideological ends wherever they may lead.

Among the old grudges they harbor is a hatred of the very idea of public lands. They despise the concept of the citizens of the United States coming together and deciding together to set aside some territories so that they won’t be destroyed by the effort of a few people to make a short term profit for themselves.

Republicans would have you believe that any land that isn’t being exploited for short term economic gain is wasted. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is no wasteland, though. It’s a beautiful country with diverse ecosystems. Most Americans understand that extraordinary places should be preserved because of the deeper value they represent.

Republicans hate that idea, because they can’t stand the idea that anything might exist beyond the grasp of the greedy corporate executives who fund their campaigns. Their political identity is centered around the maximum extraction of economic gain from anything they see, no matter how brutal that process may be.

They would turn the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge into a wasteland in order to help boost next quarter’s profits for their patrons. They would do the same to American neighborhoods as well.

It’s worth remembering that the same corporate systems that fund Republican politicians create “Human Resources” departments that are dedicated to the maximum extraction of economic value from human beings, as if people are nothing more than a living ore which can be chucked into a blast furnace of corporate life without compassion for their experience.

That’s the connection between the 2017 GOP tax law and the Arctic National Wildlife Exploitation provision it contains: Whether it’s a remote wilderness or a working American, Republicans are hungry to maximize economic extraction, and they don’t care if they have to destroy the country to do so.

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