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Has A Dancing Hot Dog Taught You Anything?

Arielle Pardes at Wired claims that an animation of a dancing hot dog “taught the Internet to love AR”.

(AR = Augmented Reality)

(Dancing Hot Dog = Animation in Snapchat)

To be honest, I haven’t been taught anything at all by any dancing hot dogs this year, and I don’t know anyone who has shown any exceptional interest in augmented reality animations in 2017. From what I’m seeing, the novelty of Pokemon Go has long since grown cold, and nothing has really replaced it.

The dancing hot dog story strikes me as yet another indication of the stark separation of Silicon Valley culture from the way most people actually live.

Maybe I’m wrong, though. Am I missing out?

Have you been taught something important by a dancing hot dog this year?

What would I get out of a dancing hot dog, if I gave it a shot?

Are you actually using augmented reality on a regular basis?

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