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Ignorance of Right Wing Attacks on FBI Illustrated by the National Enquirer

As 2018 begins, the Republican Party establishment seems to be circling its wagons around Donald Trump, and throwing everything it can get its hands on at the rule of law in a desperate defense. Incredibly, Republicans are now claiming that the Republican-controlled FBI, with a majority-Republican corps of FBI agents, and a Republican special counsel, is part of an anti-Republican conspiracy.

The thorough ignorance of this new right wing conspiracy theory is illustrated by the cover story on this week’s National Enquirer. The National Enquirer has been Donald Trump’s unofficial press outlet ever since he announced his presidential campaign in 2015. So, while the grocery store publication is generally known for its inaccuracies and exaggerations, a glance at its front page has become a great tool for those who seek to understand what’s on the minds of the besieged, paranoid top aides at the Trump White House.

So, when we see the top headline at this week’s National Equirer, FBI Plot To IMPEACH TRUMP!, we know that the Donald Trump and his aides are getting extremely desperate.

Anyone who understands impeachment law in the slightest knows how ridiculous this headline is. The FBI doesn’t have the power to impeach the President of the United States. Congress does. For impeachment to take place, the House of Representatives first must pass articles of impeachment, and then, the Senate needs to hold a trial. In order for impeachment to lead to the removal of the President, the Senate has to vote to convict.

FBI Impeachment deep stateImpeachment doesn’t take place because of an airtight legal case. Impeachment is a political act.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, appointed by the Trump Administration to investigate Donald Trump’s involvement in the criminal attacks against the United States by Russian spies on the orders of dictator Vladimir Putin, doesn’t have the power to start impeachment proceedings. He can prosecute Trump Administration officials for their crimes, but cannot directly indict the President.

What we saw from the Mueller investigation in 2017 strongly indicates that there is substantial, credible evidence that Donald Trump has engaged in astonishing amounts of criminal activity, both during his presidential campaign and during his time as President of the United States. Eventually, when his investigation is complete, Mueller will reveal what he has discovered.

Unfortunately, Republican politicians in Congress don’t seem to care whether the Russian dictatorship has been able to damage American democracy with the help of Donald Trump. They’re doing everything they can to sweep these crimes under the rug. Right now, Republican tactics include repeating the preposterous assertions by the National Enquirer that the Republican-dominated FBI is somehow a crazy, left wing hellbent on impeaching Donald Trump.

We can expect, given the Republican Party’s determination to defend Donald Trump no matter what, that the Republican-controlled Congress will not move to impeach Donald Trump this year. Even if Mueller shows handwritten letters with Donald Trump’s fingerprints on them, expressing Trump’s agreement to accept campaign materials illegally obtained by Russian hackers, and to campaign in coordination with the totalitarian government of Russia, Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate would simply continue with their absurd claims that the FBI is an untrustworthy agent of a New World Order Deep State conspiracy to impose Communism on the USA.

This absurd National Enquirer headline makes it quite clear that Americans are stuck with Donald Trump in the White House for at least one more year.

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