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Trump Resistance Meetings Spreading In The New Year

Tomorrow, at 11:30 a.m local time, citizens will gather at 121 SW Salmon Street, in Portland, Oregon to inaugurate a new year of activism in resistance to Donald Trump. Portland is a liberal town, of course.

Reno, Nevada isn’t dominated by progressive politics. Nonetheless, at almost the same time tomorrow, an anti-Trump protest will take place there as well. Participants in that demonstration will gather at noon at at 400 S Virginia Street, local time, to ”protest the attacks on democracy by the Trump administration and the current complicit GOP Congress”.

Tomorrow night at 7:00, 201 West 13th Street, New York, the local group Rise and Resist will meet to begin a new round of activism against the abuses epitomized by Donald Trump.

The Republican Congress is refusing to hold Donald Trump accountable to the law, but the American people are standing up to do their part.

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