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Trump Adviser Doesn’t Understand Why Anyone Would Ever Criticize Their Boss

Barry Bennett, an adviser to the 2016 Trump for President campaign, is outraged at what’s revealed in Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury, which exposes the tremendous incompetence of Donald Trump and those who surround him.

Bennett isn’t upset at the incompetence, though. He’s not upset at the betrayal of the USA by Trump and members of his family who helped agents of the Russian government to attack America, either.

Bennett is upset at the very idea that any workers would ever criticize their boss. “I just don’t understand the behavior — that you would talk about your boss and someone you dedicated a chunk of your life to in that way.”

Right. Like who has ever heard about people having such an awful boss that workers criticize him behind his back?

Only everyone who has actually worked for a living.

Right after he blasted Michael Wolff’s sources for the audacity of daring to criticize Donald Trump, Bennett declared that the Trump White House in 2018 so far is “an incredible waste”, saying of Trump and his aides that, “they could be doing much better”.

Thank you Barry Bennett, for your moral consistency.

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