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How Is Donald Trump A Self-Made Billionaire?

It isn’t difficult for most of us to understand what the term ”self-made” means. To those of us who make our own living in the world, it’s self-evident.

Not so to Republican politicians like Stephen Miller, a top White House aide to Donald Trump.

Look up the phrase ”self-made” in a Merrim-Webster dictionary, and you’ll find the following dictionary: ”made such by one’s own actions; especially : having achieved success or prominence by one’s own efforts”.

In spite of this clear definition, today on national television, Stephen Miller declared that Donald Trump is ”a self-made billionaire”.

Self-made? Trump?

Donald Trump was born wealthy. His rich father paid his way, all the way, giving Trump a life of privilege from the moment he was born.

When Donald Trump graduated from a business school education that his father paid for, he took a job that was given to him by his father, in his father’s real-estate company.

Donald Trump’s father set him up with a series of wealthy contacts, and ONE MILLION DOLLARS as a graduation present.

Later, Donald Trump inherited over two hundred million dollars from his father.

Donald Trump, a self-made billionaire? Only in a right wing reality warp… In fact, that’s the main thing that’s self-made about Donald Trump: His alternate version of reality.

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