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Don’t Drink Trump’s Smart Water

Bottled Water Pollution

Do you still believe that Donald Trump will use the powers of the presidency to make life better for ordinary working people?

There’s nothing more basic to a good life than the ability of clean water to drink, but now Donald Trump is preparing to take that away from working Americans as well.

Trump is proposing to destroy one third of the annual budget for the agency that’s in charge of keeping America’s waters clean. Among the cuts that Trump proposes are some that specifically target programs for inspection of America’s drinking water supplies.

If Trump gets what he wants, Americans will be drinking down tainted water and won’t even be warned about it.

But hey, don’t worry… the same corporations that supported the election of Donald Trump are more than happy to sell us clean water, at the cost of several dollars per bottle.

They call it “Smart Water”. Might I suggest a rebranding to “Very Stable Genius Water”?

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