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Republican Christians Plan To Stop Eating And Talk To Themselves To Protect Trump From Impeachment

James Dobson, patriarch of extremist right wing Christianity, is upset at the state of the nation.

No, Dobson isn’t worried that the President of the United States has helped a Russian dictator attack the United States.

No, Dobson isn’t worried that the President is accepting massive payments from corporations and foreign governments seeking to purchase influence inside the White House.

No, Dobson isn’t worried that the President is obstructing justice and threatening nuclear war.

What James Dobson is worried about is the possibility that Donald Trump might be impeached because of these things.

So, James Dobson has announced a new “activism” campaign. On Friday, Dobson informed his followers that he will lead them in a campaign designed to protect Donald Trump from impeachment. ”I’m calling for a nationwide movement to pray for him,” Dobson said. “I’m calling for a day of fasting and prayer!”


So, in order to protect Donald Trump from impeachment, Christian Republicans are planning to stop eating and talk to themselves?

I heartily support this plan. In fact, I’d call it a very stable genius plan of action.

Mr. Dobson, why don’t you extend this plan to the length of a week… or maybe more?

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