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Highlights of the Fusion GPS Senate Testimony Republicans Don’t Want You To See

Although the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee heard the full testimony of Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS on the dossier his company assembled on the compromise of Donald Trump by spies from the Russian government, they didn’t want to tell Americans about it.

When public pressure mounted on Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham to share Simpson’s testimony with the American people, the two Republican senators lashed out angrily, and threatened Simpson with prison.

Today, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have done what Grassley and Graham were too cowardly to do. They have released the transcript of Simpson’s Senate testimony about the dossier of Russian kompromat used by Vladimir Putin to blackmail Donald Trump.

Here’s some highlights of what the Simpson transcript about Russian spy agency control over Donald Trump has to reveal:

– The FBI has independent sources that corroborate many of the accusations made against Donald Trump in the Fusion GPS dossier
– Donald Trump has been involved in business deals a central Asian organized crime figure named Tevfik Arif who has been arrested for running child prostitution schemes.
– The possibility of the blackmail of Donald Trump by Vladimir Putin was regarded as ”a significant national security issue”.
“Somebody’s already been killed as a result of the publication of this dossier.”
– The accusations against Simpson by senators Grassley and Graham were the opposite of the truth – as Grassley and Graham already knew. It appears that Grassley and Graham are now using the Republican side of the Senate investigation into Donald Trump’s role into Russian attacks against the United States to try to protect Trump from investigation, rather than to actually investigate Trump.

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