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Threats By Paula White Show What Christianity Has Become Under Donald Trump

You may ask yourself: How could a Christian vote for Donald Trump, a selfish, cruel billionaire who abuses everyone around him?

But then, a person could as easily ask: What does it say about Christianity that Donald Trump, a selfish, cruel billionaire who abuses everyone around him, was the overwhelmingly favorite choice of American Christians?

The answer isn’t pretty, and it comes into sharper focus this week with revelations about Donald Trump’s primary religious adviser, Paula White.

Paula White is a Christian preacher who has become wealthy as the result of her “ministry”. How?

White gave us all a glimpse of her Christian methods this week when she sent out a message to her followers telling them that they all must send her all the money they make in January.

What if they don’t send Paula White the money? White says they will be punished by God.

This sounds an awful lot like Donald Trump’s tax plan, doesn’t it? Working Americans pay a bigger share of the tax bill, get fewer benefits, and the richest 1% get a huge government payoff.

This similarity is no coincidence. Paula White gave an official government prayer at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Are you willing to pay homage to this religious scam?

3 thoughts on “Threats By Paula White Show What Christianity Has Become Under Donald Trump”

  1. Guest says:

    Wonder why Paula White and all of Trump’s Spiritual leaders did not explain how Jesus would not appreciate Trump poking fun at a Disabled Reporter or assigning names like lying Ted and little Marco to his GOP rivals?
    Paula White made her entrance on the stage of Television Evangelism by way of Mega Famed Black Preacher of the Potter’s House in Dallas Texas Bishop T.D. Jakes. She accredited him for being her Spiritual Father and gave her a platform in Black Christendom. Paula White had a mostly all black church where she milked her TV audience and church for all it was worth with promises that if you sent her a certain amount of cash God would pour out his blessing and bless those who sent her money. It is little wonder she is Don the Con’s Pastor. Yet what church does Trump attend besides the church of Golf on most Sunday? These two have no shame.

  2. Guest says:

    The most damaging thing to the reputation of Christianity is with the Trump Evangelicals being aligned with Donald Trump. Many will be turned off and tuned out to Evangelism due to guilt by association to Trump the man who has displayed not one Christianly behavior or Fruit of the Spirit Too bad Jesus and his wonderful message will be rejected due to these Evangelicals who enabled the man who mocked a Disabled Reporter and called African nations a sh=t hole. Trump needs a bible lesson. Heaven is described as a place with every tongue, tribe and nations and there are wonderful born again Christians in Africa, El Salvador and Haiti !

    1. Juniper says:

      Actually, Christianity is what Christianity does.

      In the USA, Christians overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump, the greedy, vulgar, sexist and racist.

      If there is a “true Christianity” that is distinct from What Donald Trump does in the name of Christianity, then we would see the Christian-dominated Republican Party move to impeach Trump. Instead, Christian politicians, supported by their pro-Trump Christian constituents, are supporting Trump.

      That’s all I need to know about the supposed moral values of Christianity.

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