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Who Would Let Amazon, Google, Apple or the NSA Spy On Them In Their Own Bathroom?

Some time over the next week, Congress is going to vote on whether to allow the National Security Agency to continue to gather electronic surveillance on millions of Americans without any search warrant or other method of determining probable cause to believe that the Americans being spied on are involved in any criminal activity at all.

At the same time, the home plumbing fixture company Kohler is releasing a set of products that help Amazon, Google, and Apple spy on Americans’ most intimate activities – the things they do in the bathroom. Through the data collected by these companies on Americans’ bathroom activities, the NSA will gain the ability to spy on Americans as they sit on the toilet as well.

Kohler Konnect fixtures are designed to send data to and from users’ smartphones, and through the remotely-located voice control software systems operated by Amazon, Apple, and Google. The sinks, mirrors, showers, and toilets in the Kohler Konnect system will thus transmit data about who uses them when, for how long, using what settings. The bathroom will contain an always-on microphone, listening to Americans’ most intimate moments, transmitting that information to a corporate data center, where it will become accessible to government spies as well.

People who put these devices into their bathrooms will no longer be able to go into their own bathrooms with the assurance that they are truly alone and in private.

What the payoff for the people who own these bathroom surveillance devices? They will be able to use their voices to control their bathroom fixtures… but buttons and knobs already perform this job perfectly well, without any privacy violations.

The very idea of a Kohler Konnect “smart toilet” is disturbing. Who wants to shit and piss into something intelligent? The icky relationship with this device gets even more twisted with the toilet’s ability to light up and play the favorite music of the person sitting on it.

What kind of idiot is willing to allow corporate and government spies to know all the personal details of their bathroom habits, just so they can thrust their naked bottoms onto a little disco?

We’ll begin to get the answer to that question when Kohler Konnect sales figures become available.

14 thoughts on “Who Would Let Amazon, Google, Apple or the NSA Spy On Them In Their Own Bathroom?”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    Answer to your title question: Snowflakes, Sheeple, Twinkees, and other assorted fools who don’t think for themselves.

    1. Juniper says:

      In my experience, people who use the word snowflake as an insult have very little respect for other human beings. I think the best reason not to use this smart bathroom technology is out of respect for human beings. I wish you wouldn’t put down the individuality of people, Al.

      1. Al Hopfmann says:

        I am defending the individuality of people, and have great respect for those who advocate liberty. What I don’t respect are the people who are enabling the destruction of that individuality by meekly surrendering to the forces of evil who are imposing unlimited government on the rest of us.

        1. J Clifford says:

          Nobody who mocks people as “snowflakes” respects individuality, Mr. Hopfmann. The whole point of the “snowflake” insult is to reject the idea that human beings have value for their individuality.

          You are repeating an anti-individual, pro-fascism linguistic frame.

          Time for you to take a look in the mirror.

          1. Al Hopfmann says:

            Snowflakes value “the collective”, not individual liberty. That is naïve at best, and dangerous to the rest of society.
            Someone who uses obscenity in the title of his other article today is not to be taken seriously when he accuses a true liberty advocate of using a “pro-fascism linguistic frame”. If you really understood what fascism and communism are, and honestly opposed those tyrannies and the people who have tried to impose them on us, you would be criticizing people like Clinton and Obama much more than you have been bashing constitutionalists, libertarians, conservatives, and other limited government advocates. And you surely would be opposed to the perfidy and danger of the United Nations in its quest to impose unlimited government on the world.

          2. J Clifford says:

            Mr. Hopfmann, don’t play.

            The insult “snowflake” is used to insult people who think that everyone is a valuable individual, and that diversity is something to celebrate… because we’re all special individuals, just as snowflakes are all different.

            We’re not stupid here, Al. This is not the place for you to spread ignorant bullshit around unchallenged.

  2. Kevin says:

    So Al, what’s an example of a specific liberty that you believe Clinton (Bill? Hillary?) or Obama took from us, that Trump or any Republican has restored?

    1. Al Hopfmann says:

      First of all, Trump is no champion of liberty. But if we apply positive pressure on him we can influence him to make more good decisions than bad ones. This has already been proven by a number of Executive Orders that he has signed, BECAUSE OF DELIBERATE EFFORTS BY LIBERTY ADVOCATES. Unfortunately, he has already also reneged on some good campaign promises, and has continued to put too many Establishment flunkees into important positions. That is not adequately “draining the swamp”. Instead of relentlessly attacking him for even the good things he has done, it would be more productive to try positive influence to get more good things done.
      How about asking Trump, Sessions, and your Senators and Representatives to eliminate the racism exercised by the BATFE? When you buy a firearm, the dealer must have you fill out and sign, under penalty of perjury, a form which requires that you list your race. Trump could properly abolish this governmental racism by Executive Order. He might do it if WE apply the influence. There would be zero chance of getting Clinton, Clinton, Obama, and other unlimited government advocates to do this as President.
      Obamacare is probably the most direct example of a liberty improperly taken from us. It strips you of your right to purchase or not purchase healthcare insurance. You don’t even need to discuss the negative economic aspects of it to label it as un-American and economically destructive. And did Clinton, Bush, or Obama do away with the fascist program of “Selective Service”? Of course not! Trump probably does not care about it, but I believe that it might be possible to get him to eliminate it, IF WE TRY. On the other hand, dedicated unlimited government advocates love such programs that restrict our liberty.
      And what do you think about compulsory vaccinations, mandatory public service, time theft and enslavement by taxation and regulation, internal national passports, national police force, TSA molestation at airports, and so may other things that the enemies of liberty love to impose on us? Trump is likely mixed on his opinions of such things, and potentially could be influenced in the correct direction. Most unlimited government advocates are on the wrong side of these issues, and cannot be positively influenced.
      Your seemingly sincere interest is appreciated.

  3. Kevin says:

    So, no examples.

    1. Al Hopfmann says:

      You must have missed Obamacare.

      1. Kevin says:

        Try again. ACA still there. You faux libertarian piece of trump.

        1. Al Hopfmann says:

          Thanks to Rand Paul, the worst part of Obamacare, the so-called “individual Mandate”, was repealed as part of the vastly imperfect (but slightly helpful) “tax reform” legislation. If you recall, the “Individual Mandate” was one of the most communistic provisions of any legislation ever passed by Congress. When government can force you to buy something, it is forcing you to use your earnings or stored assets for what someone else (usually government, wants. Since you presumably have to work to create those earnings or stored assets, such compulsion is slavery. Anyone who supports Obamacare is supporting slavery.
          It would be nice if you and others would join with libertarians and other good people to finalize the repeal of Obamacare so that free choice in health and healthcare insurance could be restored. We cannot steer Trump toward productive paths if we don’t continuously try to influence him positively. Just sitting back and letting the advocates of unlimited government influence him will lead to further disasters for liberty.
          BTW, labeling, such as when we refer to Trump as a “functionalist”, is acceptable when accurate, inaccurate labeling in the form of juvenile name-calling is counter-productive as a discussion or debating device.

          1. Kevin says:

            Your government forces you buy fighter jets and rebuild countries destroyed by those same jets. Where’s your outrage there, word salad boy?

        2. Al Hopfmann says:

          Approving unnecessary fighter jets and “foreign aid” are not part of the Libertarian platform. Visit to learn more about the Libertarian Party. You should find a lot there that you would like. Libertarians have plenty of outrage about the forced trend toward unlimited government, but try hard to publicly discuss the issues and educate the voters while refraining from unproductive activities, threats, and insults.

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