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Holy Family Joined By Goddess Aphrodite In Wolcott, New York

Grungy nativity Wolcott New York

Two weeks ago, I reported on the Holy Family’s refusal to leave a grocery store in the village of Wolcott, New York. Three weeks after Christmas, the dramatic vigil continues, with Joseph, Mary, the baby Jesus and their monarchist friends refusing to leave, although they have relocated to a dirty snowbank next to the village green.

venus of Wolcott

In an unexpected development, a new divinity has joined the religious sit-in. The goddess Aphrodite, wearing nothing but a blue cloth loosely draped over the front of her hips, is right there along with the baby Jesus, accompanied by her own miracle babies. Two naked cherubs, riding green sea monsters, are playing conch shells late into the night.

What’s next, Wolcott? A statue of Thor by the stoplight?

Goddess Wolcott New York mythology

5 thoughts on “Holy Family Joined By Goddess Aphrodite In Wolcott, New York”

  1. Kevin says:

    You risk the wrath of Aphrodite with your blasphemy!

  2. Rcomer says:

    HA! What’s next in Wolcott—-T-Rump in the nude? YIKES! That will chase tourists away!
    Ivana and Marla divorced the Orange-Haired T-Rump when they found out he was cheating
    on them. Now that the latest “Stormy” scandal has erupted, what might Melania do? I have
    a suggestion for the getting-worse-every-nanosecond T-Rump: Build a Mar-a-Lago on Mars,
    go up there to play golf 24/7 and don’t come back!

  3. Bruce Douglas says:

    The arrested adolescence and madness of this “humor” is (sadly)
    characteristic of the Progressive Movement in general.

    1. J Clifford says:

      So, pointing out the fact that the village of Wolcott has both a baby Jesus and a statue of the goddess Aphrodite next to its town square is “madness”, but Donald Trump telling us that he is a “very stable genius” is not madness, Bruce?

      Madness indeed.

    2. Rcomer says:

      Hey BD–“The Progressive Movement” and the Bible–Sermon on the Mount, say the same things. Namely, that there is a responsibility to care for children, the elderly and the sick. But people like Trump and his band of Ratpublican stooges / snakes, who claim to be Christians, treat children, the elderly and the sick like worthless dirt. So, go back to listening to the poop broadcast every nanosecond by Faux (FOX–the real fake) News (snooze) OR get some religion–read what Jesus actually said–he was a Socialist by definition– and start focusing on the NEEDY of our world, NOT the God-awful millionaires / billionaire Plutocrats, like Trump, who have an extremely dangerous mental disease called Greed-on-the Brain. It’s money, money, MONEY—nothing else matters, certainly not other human beings. AND, no amount of money makes them happy–NO AMOUNT! Look at the Ultra-Greedy Waltons!

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