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As Republicans Defend Donald Trump’s Racism on MLK Day, Democrats Move To Censure

Following his racist insults against ”shithole” Africa Martin Luther King Day, Donald Trump refused today to engage in the Martin Luther King holiday presidential tradition of engaging in volunteer public service. Instead, Trump went to his Mar-A-Lago luxury resort to play golf with his rich friends.

Donald Trump’s racism has never been more obvious, and the racism of his Republican supporters in Congress is coming into plain view as well. Southern Republican Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue have been caught in a lie, saying that they never heard Donald Trump make racist ”shithole” comments, when other U.S. senators have confirmed that Cotton and Perdue heard the comments.

Even the Trump White House, famous for its lies and distortions, doesn’t deny these accusations. That’s because President Donald Trump believes that making racist insults increases his appeal to his base of Republican voters.

As the Republican Party abandons all pretense of a moral opposition to racism, Democrats in Congress are stepping forward to confront the crisis. In the House of Representatives, Democrats Cedric Richmond and Jerrold Nadler will introduce a resolution to censure President Donald Trump and denounce racism.

How many Republicans in Congress will have the courage to stand up against the white supremacism of Donald Trump? How many will slink into the folds of the new racist GOP?

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