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Federal Election Commission Allowing Illegal Campaign Money To Flow Without Restraint

The first thing to say is that I don’t care at all that Donald Trump had an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels just after Melania Trump gave birth to their son. That’s the Trump family’s personal business.

What I do care about is that the campaign finance laws of our country are in solid, working order, because, even in the battered, tattered shape they’re in, they’re the only thing preventing the federal government of the United States of America from being completely under the control of wealthy families and corporations.

A long time ago, when George W. Bush was in the Oval Office, a right-leaning Southern Democrat named John Edwards was planning a presidential campaign. He had a problem, though. While his wife was dying of cancer, he was off having a prolonged sexual affair. It didn’t look presidential. So, Edwards arranged for a wealthy friend of his to make payments to his mistress, so that she would remain quiet.

John Edwards was prosecuted for making this arrangement, because it was a crime. The hush money payments to his mistress were in effect an illegal campaign contribution, one that put Edwards in the pocket of his wealthy friend.

This month, we’ve discovered that Donald Trump had a similar vulnerability, and one that he covered up using similar means. Trump arranged for his sexual affair with Stormy Daniels to kept secret by having his lawyer, Michael Cohen, make payments to Daniels of over $130,000.

Perhaps that money came from Donald Trump. If so, then Trump broke the law by not disclosing the campaign spending. Perhaps the money came from another source. If so, then Trump broke the law by accepting a large, illegal campaign contribution without disclosing it.

We can’t know for sure that a crime was committed, of course, until an investigation takes place. Such an investigation is the responsibility of the Federal Election Commission. However, the Federal Election Commission has not initiated an investigation. That’s why the anti-corruption organization Common Cause has filed a formal complaint with the FEC, requesting that an investigation take place.

Despite the serious nature of this case, the Federal Election Commission has so far declined to take action. Why?

The Federal Election Commission is thoroughly controlled by the Republican Party. Although the government body is supposed to be bipartisan, right now it is stacked. There are 3 Republican FEC members, 1 Democrat, 1 independent, and 1 empty seat.

With the Federal Election Commission so firmly skewed in favor of the Republicans, and refusing to act in the face of a corrupt President of the Republican Party, with that President spinning ridiculous, unsubstantiated stories about voter fraud that’s never taken place, and colluding with Russian attacks against our elections, how can voters possibly retain their faith in the democratic process?

Partisan Federal Election Commission

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